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  1. Many thanks for that. Is there a legal minimum amount that has to be paid to these agencies? As the outstanding amount is intrest free and although I have made offers to them in the past to clear the balance (which have been refused), I have no real problems in making them wait for their money.
  2. I have a very similar case to indigo_child. The default was recorded as of October 2006 and after 6 months the debt was transferd to a collection agency. Under the threat of getting a CCJ, I agreed to make payments to clear the outstanding amount of £100 a month. As the rest of my history is now virtualy perfect, I have still been making the payments so as not to damage my credit history again. By reading your replies on this thread, would I be correct in assuming that I need no longer to make payments after November 2012, by simply sending a SB letter?
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