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  1. Thanks for all your help and suggestions. I understand it may take some time to resolve, but 5 months it's a bit long. I'll be definitely calling our insurer (which is Direct Line BTW) to resolve it ASAP. If they won't be helpful - then yes, I think I'll be taking it to court. It has already cost me over £500!! Where do I get eh other lady address from? Is the insurer obliged to give it to me on me request?
  2. Yes, will do that - thanks. But I still don't understand how come I'm being penalised for something I haven't done. I thought you are not not guilty until proved innocent!! Where is the justice??!! I'm haven been proved anything.
  3. I'd appreciate any help in this matter. 5 months ago I had an accident on a mini roundabout, not my fault. The lady coming from an opposite direction just decided not to give me way and drove straight into my car. I have a witness. My car was written off, I got the money less my excess – which was explained will be refunded to me when the case is closed. 5 months down the line I'm due to renew my policy. For my surprise I received the renewal note with no years no claim discount. I was told it's due to the accident I had. Even though it wasn't my fault! But apparently the oth
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