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  1. Hi All, Looking for some advice and guidance please. I had two accounts littlewoods and very, both had payment protection on them. I run the accounts fine for years and then got into a bad patch financially and couldn't afford to pay them, it didn't help that I was being paid monthly and the statements were 4 weekly. Shop Direct sold the debt to Lowell, I now have a CCJ for the one account. But they piled on a load of charges and interest before they sold the debt to Lowell, and what was a £2k debt between two accounts is now a £3.7k debt. Any advice with this?
  2. Well I tried, put it all in writing to CEO and got no where, even the 'executive team' were just as vile and unhelpful as the customer service team. Have received two letters, dated days apart stating the exact same thing and had signed with a booklet on how to complain to the obundsman. Am going to leave the money but will be complaining about the way I have been treated, never known a bank or people like these
  3. Thanks for all of your help however it looks as though paydayuk and Santander have won. Spent 4 hours arguing with them today, spoken to like a piece of dirt, refusal of speaking to a manager then after 9 phone calls I spoke to a manager who advised that a disclaimer will be sent on Tuesday which I will need to sign, then they will investigate it, that will take 15 working days for a response. I quoted everythin said by other people who had the problem and they said that Santander had their own guidelines to deal with these issues and to complain via the fsa, which I will do however it won't h
  4. Santander now saying its a visa dispute and I have to wait for them to send me a disclaimer to sign and send back then they will put the funds back into my account??
  5. Spoke to Santander and they have point blank refused. The advisors response was 'if you can't afford a loan then you shouldn't take one out' Will have to complain to CEO but going on the service from the staff there, I doubt I will get anywhere
  6. They have told me to go back to paydayuk and resolve with them although they have confirmed by email that they will not give my money back. Do I actually have a right here as I will be in financial Hardship now and I never agreed with payday uk to settle the loan, I advised them I couldn't afford to pay it
  7. So I have spoken to Santander again this morning, because I took out the payday loan although I have had no contact with payday uk since June and had advised them that I couldn't afford to pay it in full ad they refused to set up a payment plan, Santander have told me that I am not entitled to my money back and there is nothing that they will and can do even though the payment was taken from a cancelled debit card.
  8. It was a debit card. I think I am just wasting my time and will just have to leave the payment and struggle financially for the month. Santander said 15 days to query the payment, then went through to a manager and she raised a fraud case, but said they will reject it, will know in 24 hours
  9. I took out a payday loan with Payday UK in April, failed to make the payment in May due to personal family reasons and have had to completely restructure my working hours to deal with this which has resulted in a lot of time off and loss of earnings. I advised PDUK on numerous occasions of my circumstances with no offer to set up a payment arrangement, they just kept hassling me, up to 17 phone calls a day, I was at my whits end and told them on the last call in June that it was the wrong number. Since the loan, I lost my bank card and was issued a new one, so they did not have my ne
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