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  1. He needs to report the fraudulent transaction to the credit card company, not the insurance company.
  2. He should be able to get his money back if he contacts the credit card company and tells them there has been a fraudulent transaction on his card. Lots of people get their money back in these circumstances. I wouldn't tell them anything about it being his ex-gf, just that there's an £800 charge on his card he didn't make.
  3. . Got a visit follow-up letter from TV Licensing today: My prayers have been answered. I hope this is the end of it now, because I have read of ppl still getting summons after getting similar letters, but they have managed to get the summons withdrawn because of it. At least I have some ammunition now. I would advise anyone who signs the visit form (record of interview) to buy a backdated TV licence in full to cover any unlicensed periods.
  4. If you're at the front of your house, with your back to the wall, the fence on the left is yours, the fence on the right is your neighbours. Or to put it another way, if you're in your house, looking out onto your back garden (possibly from your kitchen or living room if they're at the back of the house), the fence on the left is your neighbours, the fence on the right is yours.
  5. Is there a way to find out from the courts if you've been issued a summons - my mail often goes astray.
  6. I did remove the post because from everything I've read, all that matters is what's on the interview form (which is in the first post), and what they eventually accuse you of in the summons. I've been getting conflicting info on whether they will or won't prosecute. Some say if you have a license and have had one since day of visit and it's up to date for 6 months from date of visit, it's unlikely you'll get prosecuted. Others says you will definitely get prosecuted, you have to plead guilty.
  7. The reason I only posted what was on the form is that everyone seems to indicate that it's all that matters . I want to hope that I won't get a summons, but everyone seems to think it futile.
  8. My mom owns the house and pretty much everything in it, but she does not live in it - just me. She lives in a flat which she also owns which does have TV License.
  9. Everyone has talked about pleading guilty, smaller fine, etc, but I have not read much on the implication of having a criminal record. I've read it's "not a recordable offence", but it does show up on CRB checks (which might be important for jobs, etc), and that you won't be eligible for the US visa waiver scheme, and will have to check the visa requirements for other countries, etc. Does it affect applying for a passport? Here is a little known example I am aware of (or maybe you already know it): - HOUSEHOLD INSURANCE - if I get a criminal record, the household insurance becomes invalid, even though the insurance is not in my name. You have to inform the insurance company immediately, who will then decide if they wish to continue insuring the household - most do not. If the household is already with a specialist insurer for judgements, etc, then they will most likely request an additional premium to continue the insurance. Are there any other situations where having a criminal record will affect you?
  10. On the Admissions section, he circled: - Colour, - digital box, - power plugged in, - aerial plugged in He did not enter or inspect/test the set, and I have the form. Has anyone been able to successfully get them to drop the case without responding to the summons. Everyone seems to recommend not contacting them once you receive a summons, but surely if you have a license, and you argue your corner (as some people have), there must be a chance. I seem to be one of the few people that: - was actually given a copy of my visit interview, so he can't add any lies to it. - didn't have my set inspected or tested. Maybe I'm grasping at straws (cue, the "it's your fault", "you signed it" posts), but I cannot believe it's best not to contact them and indicate you will challenge the process. Everyone seems to indicate you should give in to pay less, but if there's a chance to get it dropped, isn't it worth challenging?
  11. How can you check if you've been issued a summons? Mail consistently goes to the wrong address where I live. Can I call up the courts every week?
  12. Also wanted to ask: - Are court summons always sent by registered post? I've read that some people don't always receive them and they're for courts that are hundreds of miles away. Is there any way to check if you've received a summons by any court.
  13. Nowhere in the record of interview does it say I watched a live broadcast. I've read so many threads that it seems to be modus operandi for these officers to lie (eg. he said they don't prosecute), and it's his word against mine, so I'm trying to stick to what's on the form.
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