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  1. Hi BB Barclays did respond to my SARs request and told me due to the age of the debt (ongoing since 1993) they could not provide me with any information. The only information they could give me was the total outstanding when the account was passed to the mortgage collection centre in 2000. The figure they suggest is not correct according to my records. Also this debt has nothing to do with a mortgage, it is a overdrawn business and current account most of the money owed were charges after they recalled the overdraft. I wrote to them again asking them to confirm the starting balance,
  2. Basically at teh end of the 80's my husband ran a small building business, we had a personal and business account with Barclays and also a mortgage. When teh recession reached it's peak at beginning of 90's we have financial problems which meant we had overdrafts on accounts. The bank were charging interest and charges making our accounts deeper and deeper in the red. They tried to repossess our house then after a year of trying decided to stop that and pursue the overdrafts seperately. we agreed in 1993 that we would pay a monthly sum of £40. We have been paying this since Jan 1993 (albe
  3. we had a reply to our SAR request, see attached, but basically even though I provided them with full acounts details they say they are unable to give me any information because the DPA only covers files held electronically and in relevant filing systems and some info we requested was pre 1998. Also I was suprised that the accounts that I had been paying our monthly payments into, for the past 19 years, are not personal to us so they cannot provide details on those either. Are the bank correct, also I have requested a statement several times they say they are unable to provide one, th
  4. I sent a letter (SAR request) last week recorded delivery, I sent it to the Knutsford office. I have checked with the post office and the current status of my letter is delivered to their Knutsford office. Just wanted to check this is the correct address to send SAR to for Barclays Bank?
  5. Thanks all, will take them on got nothing to lose, hindsight is a good thing. Will keep you posted, just googled cash cowed and I can see what you mean, no wonder they offered my hubby to open current account, when his business account was in credit, then a mortgage, and then a loan, it was all so easy and 20 plus years later we still paying for it. Never made the same mistake again.
  6. Thank you, will certainly be sending off SAR very soon.
  7. We tried that route of none payment when they didn't send us a new payin book, and also a statement of account but they threatened us will legal action which would incur even more costs so we reinstated payments, but no so much of a push over now since it have been proved that Banks imposed excessive charges, feel we have paid enough, and want some answers.
  8. I forgot to point out that the Bank amalgamated the 3 accounts (current, business and loan) into one when the £40 monthly repayment figure was agreed and they sent us a paying in book to make payments. Over the 19 years the account number has changed twice to my knowledge, and now comes under the mortgage collection dept. the budget plan they send us to complete has mortgage shortfall written on the top. I have written to the Bank and asked why this debt has come under the mortgage collections centre when it never has had anything to do with any mortgage. Also we did offer them a £5000 lu
  9. at the end of 80s beginning on 90's we got ourself into financial difficulties, mainy due to the recession at the time (mortgage interests rates 15% etc) and my husband ran a small building company, just started a family etc. In September 1991, the Bank we had our current account, business account and mortgage with decided to pull the plug on us and requested immediate repayment of overdrafts and a small loan we had taken out. At that time the total debt was £9000, albeit mostly made up of bank charges, I still have some of the old bank statements. They tried to reposses
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