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  1. We are in the process of finding out the security firm that runs the venue and contacting the police about what happened, but it does not detract from the fact that whatever if anything they had or did not have it had nothing to do with my daughter and whatever the situation was she should never had been treated in the way she was. I have no problem although it may be slightly embarrassing to be asked to look into my bag but as a matter of human respect i would be appaulled at it being done in the way they did it, then after finding nothing proberly feeling stupid themselves for doing it publi
  2. Just to clarify, she was told that she was not allowed to come back to the speedway venue, because of this she will not be able to work there for her boss. Her boss has not dismissed her, security will not allow her to work there.
  3. this was the 2nd time she had worked there. The bar is contracted out to her boss and is not run by the speedway. He had no say it what happened and was told he could not speak to her and he was not told what was happening. In his defence he had to abide by what he was told as it could off affected his contract with the speedway. It was the security staff that have told he she is not allowed back and not her boss, he knows it is not her that this is connected to and he still employs her in his business in the week. He is still trying to seek answers from the security guards but it has now left
  4. Thank you, i could not find the correct forum to place it in.
  5. thank you for your swift reply, my daughter was waiting for the police to attend to make the complaint against them. she was alone and scared and held without her car keys for 2 hours. It apparently was not that urgent for the police to attend as after 2 hours it came back no officer was available and at 23.15 all she wanted to do was to get back home to be with her boyfriend and daughter. It is the humiliation that she cant get over, the people passing her car to get home making comments that were lies and the person that was ultimately responsible must have walked by her as well knowing it w
  6. Hi, can anyone point me to the correct forum to ge advice on what security guards at venues have the right to do as my daughter was held for 2 hours at the bar she works in and her bag searched in front of customers, nothing found as she had nothing to hide, was asked to leave,escorted to her car,went to drive off humiliated,they closed the gates on her,took her car keys off her,said they had called police, she had no problems with this, after 2 hours gave her back her keys asked her to go and not come back. She had done nothing wrong but was falsly accussed with no evidence other that suspici
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