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  1. Thanks Renegade for that! I have an entirely new bank account/card and I am moving for a new Job- I am hoping that this is the end as my loan has been paid more than in full, however, I feel that it's the begining of another saga!
  2. for some reason this made a new thread when it was a reply in another??
  3. I've tried that! the saga continues- text messages etc! I doubt I will even need the solicitor now I've submitted the evidence, not holding my breath as they say that those amounts were just the interest ( loan was 2 weeks late!) even thought the amounts were clearly just helping themselves to what was left in my account and more than covers the loan and costs!
  4. dear renegade- that is a sound option! My loan has been repaid more than tripple the amount yet they still help themselves. I've a new bank account now I have told them I have a solicitor and until they give me their details then nothing will be settled! It's shocking how rude abusive and childish their staff are and they hang up too then send threats!
  5. Hi to all, New to this site- one I wish I'd have seen last year. although relieved to know that I am not alone. Foolishly got into the same situation of needing a loan from them last year. At first everything seemed fine, I had an issue with my card, they were reasonable and waited, or so they said. Then I find, that there has been 7 payments of £58.60 to them from my bank - original loan was only £150 so as you can tell, wayyyy more than the loan plus any amount of interest! went round and round in circles with them, but gave up and thought
  6. Ask for their bank details for a SO- Do Not give them bank details. I took out a loan with them last year, they helped themselves to everything in my bank account ( double the loan amount). I then find out that they want more money as this was "just interest" I too have been ridiculed, threatened etc by them, I have also today received the same text! I have advised them that I have a solicitor and that I require their details. Hope you get sorted
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