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  1. I do park there still yes - but only when the owner is not in the country. I specifically made it as obscure as possible as to not give them any ammunition. It says on MSE - 'If you own the car but weren't driving Unlike official parking tickets, when on private land, it is the DRIVER, not the owner, who is liable, because a contract to park is formed between the landowner and the driver. An invoice landing on your doormat may be the first you know of a parking ticket, but it's no reason to feel alarmed. The most important thing to understand is ... If you weren't drivi
  2. I found one on my window this morning having spent the weekend away. It is in a private car park underneath my apartment block. I have the right to park there, there are no permits. I have a fob for access. However I wasn't parked in the correct spot. The car park is never more than 50% full and I always see cars in different spots.I phoned them up (stupidly) and explained this and gave the ticket number, but did not give any personal details. They told me I had to pay the fine and appeal by writing. Since doing a bit of reading I see that they are cowboys.However, the vehicle is not
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