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  1. Sorry, I am not trying to create discord, but I am merely advising caution to Bank staff so that they do not add extraneous detail which may allow themselves to be identified, which seems a common sense precaution. I must admit that I did not see any T & C's to view the site, only when I registered. I am by nature honest, and I didn't expect a big warm hug when I joined and mentioned my occupation, but I am not here to stand up for Banks, hopefully to offer some information which may be helpful.
  2. Do banks scan these forums ? - I am sure they do. They have departments whose function is to monitor news and reports and to react to issues that become damaging to their reputations, and it would be foolish for them to ignore this place. They require preparation time to comb the hair and feed some platitudes into the mouths of one of their tailor's dummies before he is wheeled out in front of the cameras if they face a negative campaign. Another purpose would be to update on legal tactics that are being deployed against them. To be honest I don't think it is in any way illegal for them t
  3. I work for a major Bank - but you must appreciate that, and I am confident that this applies to all staff of UK financial institutions, whether they know it or not, that any participation in a messageboard like this would lead to instant dismissal. In fact I believe that the actual rule is so Draconian that setting up a webpage about my dog would require formal permission. Any who work for a Bank and offer advice should, therefore, always be cautious, but never allow arrogant bullying tactics to deter you - as you see, it hasn't stopped me, and I am moderating on another financial forum elsewh
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