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  1. yeah i am fully comp, I can see this going to court as i cant seem to see it getting sorted out any other way. thanks for the advice, much appreciated.
  2. Hi there thank you for the reply, It happend at begining of april i know it takes long to get sorted out but i feel nothing is being achieved, The insurance company isjust responding to their claims and it just goes back and forth.
  3. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on my current position regarding a liabilty dispute that is currently going on. What happend was I was sitting behind the 3rd party car at a junction and she was a fair bit over the reservation line and therefore started to reverse back at a fair speed, and she reversed straight into me. Sounds staright forward i know, but then the 3rd party insurance have said that i was too close to her, which is nonsense, I have an independent witness who has stated that it was the 3rd partys fault BUT she claims that i know the witness and
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