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  1. Thanks for the idea Sailor, I'll do that today. I do know that the lines in South Meadow Lane were only added at the begining of this year. Not sure when the lines in Meadow lane were painted. A PDF doc on Windsor Maidenhead councils website appear to have them in place when the lines in South Meadow lane were added. I've already prepared a letter contesting the fine on the grounds of lack of signage given that the spot has obviously been used before and could be termed a 'honey pot' given the number of tickets issued on just one day. Frankly it's not the money I'm bothered about it's the principle.
  2. Hi, thanks very much for answering. I've checked it is on street view. It's the junction between Meadow Lane and South Meadow Lane in Eton, Berks. Meadow Lane runs along the north side of 'The Brocas' which is the field next to the Thames and is also marked on Google maps. The junction shows up very well on street view indeed there are cars shown parked in the very spots where we were. Mine was parked where the first blue car on the left is parked, next to the gate. However since this photo was taken the yellow lines have been painted/re-painted down both sides of the road. As you can see there is plenty of room to park off rd without obstructing the highway. I took photos as well if you think that helps. What do you think?
  3. Sunday afternoon, the weathers lovely, lets spend the afternoon by the river at Eton. Found a little lane that I was vaguely aware of before. Several areas for parking but all full. Then a godsend, a junction with a footpath where the lane turns sharp left and wide verges. 2 spaces next to a gate into a field, 1 just further up the road, one across from it. 1 car already in situ in the space next to the gate. Double yellow lines but these spaces were well off the road had obviously been used before and crucially apart from a sign to not park in front of the gate, no signs indicating that parking anywhere in this area is an offence.No blockages were made by parking in these spots. Of course subsequently I and 3 other motorists get issued with PCNs. I was inscensed and left my mobile number on the other cars. I have since been contacted by 2 of them who both feel the same way. I was not previously aware that yellow lines apply to a verge (Only by reading previous posts on this site has that become clear and i've been driving 40 yrs) and clearly it is not a commonly known fact, as both other drivers thought the same as me. The geography at this point clearly entices drivers to park here and I suspect Windsor & Maidenhead council make a tidy little sum out of this honey pot. Should there not be an onus on councils to erect signs at these spots to make it clear parking is not allowed. Had there been, I and the others would not have parked here. Is there any point in appealing on these grounds? Your considered opinion would be appreciated.
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