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  1. Ok, thanks for the advice! I'll be contacting the collections agency tomorrow to ensure it's all being sorted.
  2. Thanks for the reply, like I say, lesson learned, faith in humanity/colleagues down a couple of notches. Is there anything I can do regarding this at all, or do I just have to make sure the real debtor pays up?
  3. Hi guys, Got a bit of an issue with a PCN on a car I sold to a work colleague. The PCN came through and I gave it to him to sort out believing (a bit naively) that he would do so. He didn't, and it eventually went to a debt collection agency (Phoenix Commercial Collections). Once that happened I confronted him and told him in no uncertain terms I would not be happy if he continued to leave it. He has since set up a payment plan with the debt collectors and is paying it off (I'll be checking up on this if I can). I've today received a letter from the council who say; "S
  4. It appears when I paid my last statement online I clicked to pay the wrong credit card, which is great, so rather than tell me they've just referred me to their DCA. I'm able to pay the money owed on the 28th, so hopefully if I pay that to BC that'll make the problem go away. What can I do about reclaiming charges?
  5. This is what I'm hoping, I'll give Barclays a call in the morning and try and work out exactly what is happening. I just know you guys have seen everything these shysters can think of before and wanted to make sure it's not a [problem]. I hope it's a mistake, I really do.
  6. hi guys, Just went up to my mum's to collect some post and found two letters. One from a company called Mercers dated the 14th February demanding that I pay them a sum of money to cover apparent outstanding payments on my Barclaycard account. Now, I've had issues paying my balance, and they've been reducing my credit as I've been paying, but I have been paying. I can't see anything on my account on their website to suggest I'm in more arrears than I should be. I also received a letter from a company called Resolvecall with a different amount in arrears. I don't kn
  7. Ah man, where the hell has this come from then! I must have ****ed someone off at some point.
  8. An interesting turn of events, and again I can't find any information about it, but I've received a text from a company called scotcall. Newlyn had previously used my mobile number (I don't know how in hell they got that, god damn DVLA). I don't owe any money to anyone. Does anyone know if they're affiliated with NCP or Newlyn at all?
  9. It was an ASDA, but interestingly NCP actually own the car park. I had to look it up with the Land Registry, but they do own it. Previous to that I'd actually written to the CEO of ASDA having a right go at him for associating his company with these people. I'm not too scared about court action really as I can show that the times of the ticket are entirely incorrect, so even by their rules I'm not liable to pay, but it's the hassle, and the face that I've got to then go and get evidence together, days off work etc. etc.
  10. Excellent! That's just what I wanted to hear! It still amazes me that they're allowed to do this kind of thing. The amount of pressure they put on people is phenomenal. I know to ignore their crap, and it still worries me, I can't imagine what it does to someone who thinks it's all legitimate!
  11. Does anyone have an active link to a letter chain for Newlyn Debt Collectors? I had a parking ticket from NCP a while ago and I've been ignoring their letters ever since. I've had a letter this week saying FINAL NOTICE - COURT ACTION. "We have no record of receiving payment despite out[sic] previous correspondence and now have no alternative but to pass the file back to National Car Parks Limited who will then proceed with court action. We would like to offer you one final opportunity to settle the outstanding amount prior to us returning the file. Unless we hear from you i
  12. Thanks for your advice on this. I'm going to email them again today. I received this yesterday afternoon; "We would need a letter from the DVLA on headed paper to confirm you was the registered keeper at the time of the accident." Aside from the Dear Mr. Meurice and her sign off this was all she wrote. Not only does it not answer any of my previous questions, but it isn't grammatically correct. Is there an ombudsman for that? I'm not prepared to talk to the DVLA again. I don't like them, they masquerade as a government department, they're just as bad as the insurers!
  13. No, they've not paid out yet. I've realised that they certainly aren't all that!!
  14. Fantastic! This is the kind of thing I was after. You can feel like you're shouting at a brick wall sometimes, and it gets kind of tiring! I've started emailing them to create a 'paper' trail now, and had a reply saying I need to contact the DVLA to get a letter on headed paper saying I was the owner. I'm not particularly keen on this as this is how it started last time. I don't see why they can't contact the DVLA themselves to get the information rather than me having to go to and fro constantly. Is it unreasonable of me to tell them to do it themselves? After all, they know what th
  15. The insurer is Markerstudy. I actually bought the insurance through another company, having avoided Markerstudy due to poor reports of their performance, that'll teach me for not double checking everything!
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