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  1. I'm due to start an apprenticeship as part of the youth contract and was informed I'll be liable to pay £20 rent as I'm classed as a 'non-dependant' on my dad's claim, is this true!? I already have in excess of £35 being taken away from my small wage of £79. I was told it shouldn't apply to anybody on a app. that's part of the youth contract but I'm having a hard time getting the proof needed for them - I'm due to start soon and was only informed of this after signing the contracts with the provider. 0,0 Help? This doesn't seem right in the least.
  2. I hope someone can help me out. Basically, I've been accepted for an apprenticeship and I'm due to start on Monday. I live with my dad, who has been informed that once it starts they want £20 council tax and rent from me. Bearing in mind I have £25 board and lodgings to pay, £5 petrol for my motorbike, insurance of £3 a week and dinners whilst I'm there I'm going to be no better off. Actually, I'll be worse off! I was fine with having £50 a week, but £28 is a joke. I get £56 now. Before anybody says anything about my motorbike, it's cheaper than the bloody bus. I don't want to turn
  3. I have been advised to make a gesture of goodwill payment to these catalogues, but to actually make it I need their banking details. I've searched high and low on the internet so I'm hoping someone on here has them. I'd be using online banking to send it over and not setting up any direct debits, which they wouldn't do anyway as they'll not want to accept the £5 per month but that's all they're getting as it's all I can give them. Thanks for your help.
  4. Can someone point.me in the direction of a template for offering to a company until my circumstances change? I've lost my job and cannot keep up the payments they want. Thanks.
  5. Hi I need to write a conditional acceptance proof of claim letter for a three dongle that's been passed to Lowell 1 Portfolio. I'm not sure of the wording so a template would be great. I can't find one online. Thanks!
  6. Oh, they never told me anything about PPI. To my knowledge I have never paid any at all.
  7. Thanks for your help . Should I just send the SAR to Shop Direct directly or to each catalogue individually? The former would seem easier. What if they don't accept the £5 pm? Thank you again.
  8. I got the credit when I was working, btw. I'm not THAT reckless.
  9. Thanks for opening my thread and thanks for any help you can give me. OK, rewind a few years I was in a decent enough little job for someone living at home. I won't go into too much detail but fast forward a few years I've lost my job, on JSA and owe about £4000 (at least.) There is no way in hell I can afford to pay them all back what they want. Shop Direct are owed about £3000, Capital One £450 and Vanquis £750. What do I do? This has only happened fairly recently and I'm a little bit worried as you'd expect. I was stupid I know, I don't need tell
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