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  1. I discovered today that two unauthorised direct debits totalling £160 have been taken from my savings account by creation.co.uk This was completely by chance as the account is used purely for savings and I may not check it from one year to the next (there is no debit card or cheque book etc and I've never given anyone the account number). Initially my bank said that I would have to contact the company to ask for a refund, but when I insisted that I have not taken out a loan with this or any other company they agreed to do a Direct Debit charge-back. However, I have been told that the company may insist that the charges are paid and that I may have to provide further evidence that I didn't take out a loan/store card/credit card with them. I've checked with equifax and no loans have been taken out in my name but I'm not sure how else I can prove a negative? It was suggested by my bank that I contact creation, but as I have never had any dealings with them and they have taken money from my account without asking, I'm not happy giving them my personal details. I'm guessing that they don't currently have my personal details and that this is just a mistake, but the warning from my bank that payments may go ahead in future is very worrying. Other than transferring my savings elsewhere (now done) can anyone suggest my next course of action? Thanks in advance, BP
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