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  1. If I find a new job and leave, serving the correct notice, can the manager refuse good references or give me troubles of any kind? At the moment I haven't raised a formal complaint yet.
  2. Thanks. This is exactly what I asked them in first instance but they refused. They say that they need me and don't want to let me go but they won't compromise with me on any account. They don't want to lose their current employees because they have worked there for long time. They are playing hard-ball with me. What other options have I got?
  3. Apologies if this is a common theme on this board but I haven't found an answer that fits my case. I've worked in a factory on a temp contract for a couple of months with the expectation of working there about six months. The first month all was great. My colleagues are all all seniors over 55 who have worked together and never had any temp colleague to deal with. At one point one of the manager pointed out that I could fit as a permanent replacement for one the seniors (which I don't want by the way). One of seniors did not take it well and since then has started taking exceptions at pretty much everything I do, in doing so he verbally humiliated before my colleagues. At one point I couldn't take it anymore and I verbally complained to the manager, which minimised the issue and didn't do anything serious to make it stop. Now my other colleagues have started complaining to the manager about me for petty issues. In other words they would rather want me out. The manager says he's on my side but refuses to take sides and said the workers have been there long and I shouldn't kick up a fuzz. The company is very small and there's no grievance procedure. I don't think I should be bullied into leaving but it looks like it's going this way. What can I do apart from walking out and sucking it up? I was thinking of writing a formal letter but I don't know what I should write. I'm at loss. If I leave I'll get no benefits and never mind any good references. Thank you.
  4. I can renew after 28 days, but I have to convince them. It took me a while to persuade them. They said I didn't look like a proper homeless person. I said that I would be homeless if I don't claim JSA and even that might not be enough. We'll see.
  5. Thanks CitizenB. Shelter and the CAB couldn't help me. I phone the Big Issue Foundation and they couldn't help me. I have eventually found a charity that can take my mail, albeit only for 28 days.
  6. Hello, I haven't caught up with this forum for a while, so please forgive me if this question has been already answered. I'm a male in my late 40s, long term unemployed but not yet claiming (long story why I didn't claim). I'm not yet technically homeless but will be in a short time if I don't find a source of income or claim JSA. At the moment I'm living in a sort of b&b/backpackers hostel in Birmingham (not a homeless hostel) and the owner doesn't really like the unemployed. If I should receive a brown envelope, he would probably kick me out (it has happened before to previous residents). As I have nobody willing to take my mail, would a homeless charity take my mail, even if I am not registered homeless? If so, can anybody recommend one in Birmingham? I know there are a few, but I'm not sure where to start and I feel very ashamed for doing that. I used to be an office worker and for me this is a new territory. Many many years ago I lived in Glasgow and I met an unemployed man who would receive his mail at the Big Issue office in Glasgow. Do they still do this? Sorry for the daft question. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can send me a PM. I check the Internet once a day. Thank you all.
  7. An update on my circumstances: before going for the crime reporting route I emailed Filmbank. I've sent an email to the HotelVision and SeaVision department explaing the circumstances three weeks ago but I got no reply. I forwarded the same email to other departments and yet no reply. Of course I could go through Crimestopper but now I think that if even Filmbank don't care about this, so won't the police. This guest house has received so many complaints but they're still there and do what they want. If I went through Crimestoppers most likely it will go nowhere and they would know it was me and I fear for their revenge. The owners are dodgy geeks and would have no trouble convincing one of their guest to do some harm. I know I sound paranoid at this stage but that's what it looks like to me.
  8. Hello, let me say that in principle I have no issues with people downloading copyrighted movies as I have no sympathy for the music/movie industry. However in this case I have a problem with the noise originating from a nearby guest house (see my previous posts). I have already a thing in process about the noise with the Council but it's going nowhere. The 'rogue' guest house has installed a new mega PA system. I know people who have worked there who told me they have installed a projector in the hall and connected it to a laptop of theirs. They are projecting movies that seem to be pirated as the quality is very low and signs appear on the screen "For your consideration". It is also very likely that they have used their own ISP to download them. I am also told that they don't have a licence to screen movies at all, although to be honest I don't know if they need one as they don't serve food or alcohol to non-guests. I know the name of their ISP and might contact them. My questions: 1) Do they need a licence to project movies at all, regardless of their legality? 2) Is it a crime or is it illegal at all to project pirated movies to residents in a public area or is it only illegal to download them? 3) Do I need to inform the Council? 4) Can I report this to some anti-piracy authority? 5) Could I be counter sued by the B&B in any way? Any help appreciated.
  9. I will avoid him by all means but it's almost impossible not to get in a lift with him. We all go to break or lunch break together and the lift is the only way to canteen but I get the point.
  10. Thanks all for your comments. I haven't replied so far as the "offender" is on holiday and I have decided not to progress formally with my complaint (yet), but I have informed my manager that something fishy is going on (I haven't named names yet) and I will make a specific complaint only if: 1) He does it again, and 2) I will have told him I am not comfortable with this. However to answer Altobelli's point, I have been told that Mr Touchy is indeed very touchy with the boys (a thing that I hadn't noticed myself). There is another point to be added here, that is the "permies" and the male managers have a very 'touchy' attitude to female staff, open and explicit flirting is widespread, which I am pretty sure in other more "uptight" workplaces would be considered a no-no. "Mr Touchy" himself might well think: "if the other guys do it to the girls, why can't I do it to boys?" (and I repeat: I have no evidence he is interested in the same sex and quite frankly I don't want to know) Now, if I went forward with my complaint, this would potentially open a can of worms in the company. I am not saying I will stay put, but I would (will?) definitely encounter massive resistance here.
  11. Hello people, I am aware there are similar topics on this forum (unfortunately I can't add links yet). However my case is not one of clear cut sexual harassment. I have a temp job till Christmas in a warehouse. I am male in my 40s and I don't myself consider sexually attractive in any way. All was well until a male colleague (long time permie) has started behaving a bit suspiciously. First time he rubbed at me in the lift (in front of other people). I was so shocked that I thought I was just being paranoid and made it up myself. Then in the following days every time he sees me he gives me pats in the back and sometimes in the lower back. He seems to find any possible excuses to touch me, although he hasn't touched me in other areas so to speak. My performance at work has decreased because of this. I didn't know what to do. A part of me said; "Be a man and confront him". Then I decided to speak to the manager who will give me a private meeting tomorrow. I wonder if I have done the right thing and what else I should do. Should I put that in writing? Should I have spoken to the chap first? What's your view on this. I think now my time at work has been compromised.
  12. Thanks all. I have resolved the problem on the council website. I should have done my homework first.
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