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  1. Would it be possible of someone message him my problem and ask for advice on how to put the letter to make maximum impact , I have tried to message dave but Im new to this site and it will not allow me Many thanks Stuart
  2. Many thanks for the prompt reply, is it not even worth a letter to sainsburys and these idiots ?
  3. Im sooooooo angry with Euro Car Parks Sainsburys , This morning I popped to a sainsburys close to where I live but have not visited this one in years. drove in and found a space to park, one of the spaces had broken glass ( looked like a wine bottle in one space so i parked in the middle of 2 spaces ( Many parking spaces empty around this area). Done my shopping drove out of the Sainsburys and got home, just as i parked up I could see this piece of paper on my screen ( I assumed it was those stupid advertisment cards the put under wiper) on closer inspection I near
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