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  1. Apparently there is the prospect of Judicial Mediation and a COT3 ACAS agreed outcome if it works. Has anyone any experience of these? Do prospective employers see them in exactly the same way as a compromise agreement? If so, how to get round the implication that there has been something going on that needs to be hidden? In some sectors, for example working with vulnerable people, a compromise agreement may set alarm bells going for the prospective employer. Is a reference any use, as part of COT3 settlement, in these cases?
  2. lucynv I discovered too late that my ex-employer had legal insurance that covered employees in employment disputes. If you are in a serious dispute perhaps you can take advice/representation from the legal cover, if it exists? This may be annoying for the employer so matters could get worse.
  3. Emmzi OK - points taken. The small hurts as you put it built up from many small issues. The points were made to include a picture of life in a safety-critical industry which not many people have experience of. Maybe there is no need to explain that. If it appears like whinging then that is useful advice. Thank you. May I know your background?
  4. The disicplinary procedure was not followed - ie it says there should no dismissal for a first offence except for gross misconduct. There was no gross misconduct, no misconduct, nothing disloyal or unsafe. There are other steps that can be taken, and some shortcuts in serious cases. There were no warnings. There was no attempt to settle/negotiate - immediate dismissal with notice in lieu. Stu007, Hi - there is a comprehensive Risk Assessment policy. RA was questioned for two specific issue and no response was given. The RA is not generally available to employees but the proces
  5. Thanks for your replies. Currently unemployed, looking to obtain work in another sector. Ideal outcome is now a settlement, not reinstatement. Yes, time off ill, initially wholly own circumstances and unfortunately essential hospital operations with regulated minimum recovery periods and medical examinations. Much more time off than wanted. However, given the nature of the job and concerns about safe operation with what seemed like company-induced concerns causing anxiety there was little choice at other times. Favourable comments on performance and attitude were stated in writing by
  6. HB - thanks - if it is better together then can you merge it, please. Emmzi - I appreciate your concern. Yes, it is real. The safety breaches relate to: - failure to provide adequate pre-travel safety information required to anlayse the likely success of the trips within safety margins. The provision of this information uses a third party but the service provided had already been shown to fail in this manner (only discovered by accident) and the company did nothing to alert employees to this possibility. It is not known on how many occasions this has happened. - use of instructions to dr
  7. The case I would like to describe needs a long (sorry!) explanation about 'A' - an ex-employee (male or female - 'he' is used for brevity) in a responsible position: A worked in the transport industry - public safety is absolutely important. Some of the circumstances A found himself in were a slight cause for concern as they could have indicated sloppiness behind the scenes and a lack of attention to necessary, documented detail. A confronted these, with no repercussions. A also had a substantial period off work (6 months) for domestic and health reasons. His 'return to work' agreement,
  8. Thank you honeybee - I was in the middle of providing more info when my computer messed up. I will update tomorrow - history and present position.
  9. Shocking - but what I was beginning to think. Then Thompson's was mentioned. Guess who prepared my ET1, put it in on the last day and then arranged a meeting with counsel who decided I did not have a sufficiently good case (ie >50% chance of winning) and recommended the union withdraw funding from my case. They have. Now I have no funding and the employer has been given the message that my 'own' supporters don't think I can win. However, they did prepare a bundle and the ET1 was in time 'to protect my interests' as the union's own legal people thought my case had 'merit'. Not co
  10. All, I have read this thread with interest as it seems very relevant to me. One big difference is that the respondent has asked for me to consider JM and the CMD (by telephone) is scheduled to last 15 minutes. I have already said that I am in agreement (really good things to do with my life, still, but very annoyed with the company who sacked me). I will ask for a statement of position and expectations from the other side and also for them to meet the cost of legal representation on the day to approve any eventual agreement. Or the cost of it afterwards, to sign it off but I am wary
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