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  1. Thanks for the responses - I take it that I will be pushing water uphill with a brush trying to notify them that I reject the new fee? Would Resolver be a good tool to use to contact them? Thanks again.
  2. I have had a Britannia Mortgage since 2002. Today I got a very jolly letter that flippantly mentions them adding a 'Title Management Fee' of £50. Seems that this is to cover admin costs of holding my deeds during the mortgage. Can they just add this summarily? Surely those costs have not changed significantly & should have been foreseen by them when the mortgage was sold? I must wonder what they may add next? Will the up this fee to £250 next? I would have expected some right to object within 30 days, but they seem happy that they are still good val
  3. Love it! You should crowd fund it - I'd chip in - you'd only need 150 to 500 folk chipping in a bit each - well worth it to be part of a David & Goliath story. Keep the updates coming!
  4. Sorry for the thread drag up, but it is similar to my case. My situation is that PF want to charge a fee which is more than the VAT they collected - I am more than willing to pay the VAT, but not to pay the fee which forms well over 50% of what PF are asking! To emphasise - no issue with paying the VAT, no issue with the VAT value - just PF charging a disproportionate fee. I am fairly sure (timings, etc.) that my parcel was not opened - no work done in resealing, etc. I had a great conversation yesterday - was told that the fee is added to the parcels by HMRC (PF do collect & keep
  5. Thanks guys - I have threatened them with everything including TS, but still they don't give a... The official complaint to the top seems good (I had actually tried to google such an address a few weeks ago, with no luck). PS rebel11 I notice you said when, not if, you get it in post 11, so I think you are the scud! LOL
  6. Despite the email Tuesday saying it would be delivered as originally arranged, 6 hours spent waiting & NOTHING!!! I used to love argos, recommended them (admittedly not for furniture) manys a time & never generally had much issue (except with furniture). NEVER again!
  7. Good luck mate - just on here to update my saga...
  8. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Seems that Lazarus can rise - they have managed to secure stock of the previously discontinued/unavailable item! I can't thank this forum enough - I think that without it being here, I would have folded & cancelled the order. It just goes to show that the pattern mentioned in the various threads on this sub forum is true - if you complain long enough & loud enough, they try shafting some other poor bugger, giving you their item, in the hope that he won't complain. ashmk, your words still echo - watch this space, I may be back with a SOGA thread!
  9. If fight for it means keep refusing their offers & keep chipping away, then bring it on. If it means risking my house in a protracted legal battle, no thanks. I have always felt that big companies get away with these farces because there is no legal president - I have always feared going to 'the small claims court' as having read up on it, it is really a track, one which you have no certainty of using - should it be reviewed & deemed too complex, you could end up in the main track, with costs becoming an issue.
  10. Am I not right in thinking that I am entitled to compensation? The whole thing is further complicated by the use of a voucher (I bought extra items to qualify for a higher voucher spend - I saved £50 instead of £20 by buying less than £30 worth of extra items - never would have bought them at full price - they were delivered about 4 weeks ago). What a mess - I hate Argos! Have used them for years with little issue - never thought they could be such a useless shower of ...
  11. The email says "We've charged this order to your card, authorisation number . If we cannot accept your order for any reason we'll provide a full refund to your card. " - it was sent 12th July & money shows a transaction date on my CC of 10th July. It also says "ORDERS ARE ACCEPTED SUBJECT TO OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS. (argos.co.uk/static/StaticDisplay/includeName/TermsAndConditions.htm)" I have had to remove parts of the liink.
  12. Please advise me folks - I know Argos are morally in the wrong, but what are the legalities? I ordered a recliner, half price in their sale - it was advertised on the site as 'in stock for home delivery' - I chose the latest possible delivery date as it suited me (due to move house), more than 30 days ahead. Heard nothing (no email whatsoever) until I called them a week later - yes they had the order. Then a few days later an email arrived laden with the usual caveats about order may be cancelled if they so wish, which I took no heed of, not expecting issues. (I do now wonder if I am t
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