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  1. Yes and he is absolutely doing this. I was just thrown by the comment above that said that because he has it in an account it means I need to declare now as I can access it. But I very much can't. My brother has been amazing throughout the whole thing sorting everything out and I am so grateful to him for that as know it can't have been easy on his own. Still hugely fretting about the DWP will view my over-spending, but they can see from my history of DRO etc that struggling with this is not a new thing. I really hope they can take that into account and not be too judgemental . Bu
  2. I haven't changed the story but the situation changed as there was this bigger payment to process. My brother still technically has access as in the bank account is in his name but has been advised that he should not touch the money yet or transfer anything until the accounts are all settled. Please don't try to make out I am twisting things. I am confused by the whole ins and outs of the process as my brother has been sorting it all out.
  3. This is incorrect. To explain, there was one payment that was above a certain amount so my brother had to access it by way of a solicitor. She told him that he could not touch the money until everything was paid in, and some payments were made out for example to my dad's credit cards etc. We are waiting for her say so as to when he can take control and give me my porton. Thank you to everyone who has replied. I am terrified tbh and been avoiding coming back here as was worried as to what people might think of me.
  4. Yeah I'd be fine just paying the loan in installments as agreed. But I want to clear my credit cards asap as they are all high interest. I paid of some with the loan but not all. Also will my overdraft being wiped be counted? I probably wouldn't be able to take a big holiday because of my health, and my cat.! But just somewhere in Europe for a while to get away from this place and all my bad associations. Thank you for your reply. I felt nervous putting this out there.
  5. Hi, Just looking for some advice as am fretting hugely and feeling a bit confused by the rules. To explain as simply as I can... I am currently in receipt of high rate DLA and income related ESA in the support group. I was awarded both of these at reassessment without any difficulty and wasn't even called to a medical for my ESA. I have been on these benefits for a long time and have also been on housing benefit for about two years since I moved into my own flat. I suffer from mental health difficulties including a long term eating disorder and type 1 diabetes which means my phy
  6. I just wanted to say I also suffer from an eating disorder and have run into similar (well, much worse) trouble because of this, and I sympathise completely. You were cleary not acting rationally when you did this. I know how terrifying being caught is. Please try to be gentle with yourself and not worry, it will all be fine. & yes do make sure you get some extra support for your ED if you can. xx
  7. Nobody??? Should I be pleading guilty or not guilty, even? Does 'guilty' basically mean you did it or does it imply specific intent that may be questionable in my case? I have no idea what to say and know I should have prepared morebut head has just been a complete mess lately .
  8. Anyone? Just need to know what to expect at court and how it will all play out as have no idea and am terrified .
  9. No, no civil loss recovery was involved. As I said the first time I knew of this was a telephone-call to my home address. I will pm that in a second. What I haven't mentioned is (thought I did mention this in OP but see I did not) that alongside the eating disorder I have I am a type one diabetic and my blood sugars were also low at the time of the offence (all linked with my eating disorder, it's all very complicated I guess) which added to the depersonalisation as I'd descrive it. I mentioned this to the officer and said the whole thing was a blur and that I kn
  10. Thank you. I really don't want to be seen as using it as an excuse, but it IS a reason. Both for the fact I was in the supermarket in the first place feeling desperate/on auto-pilot and the fact that medically I was quite unwell at the time of the incident, it's two fold really. I know if I was well I would not have ended up in such a situation, I wouldn't feel a need to get hold of all those food items in the first place and I also wouldn't be putting myself in danger physically to the point where my judgement is compromised.
  11. Just another update and call for a bit of extra advice if possible. Thanks again to those that have been so supportive so far throughout this. To address past reply: firstclass - the caution was quite recent, within the past 6 months but was dealt with under another police constabulary. I didn't read your comment before going to the interview so I did admit it was me but I was a bit vague as to guilty/not guilty as in my mind I was guilty of the offence BUT I didn't go into the store intending to steal and was not in my right mind at the time. I explained this. Also,
  12. Thank you so so much for your response and reassurance, it seriously does means a lot. You've helped me feel a little better about things for sure. Just want tomorrow to be over with now. I'll let you know how it goes x
  13. Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately I do have to go to the police station for an interview. He said it could all 'be done on paper' so I won't have to go in a cell or anything, so he will be just asking me some questions. He said they have all the CCTV and everything. I can't help but feel terrified. & self destructive, I am so so angry at myself. Is he going to make me watch the CCTV? I don't think I can bear it. If I get a caution this will be my second caution . **** I am such a disgusting idiot.
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