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  1. It was asking for my side of what happened, detailing it. Is it relevant if i'm sending a settlement?
  2. Ok, thank you for the advice. Have written a settlement letter. The letter states it was for 'Travelling on the railway without having previously paid the fare and with intent to avid payment thereof'. As for my letter, should I write/copy it into the form provided or simply write it on the computer and print it off and send it? Or send the form with my sight of events and enclose the letter?
  3. Hello I'm 18s years old and received a letter from First Capital Connect last Monday stating they were in intending to prosecute me under 5.3.a of the Regulations of Railways Act 1889. Basically, I was an idiot and purchased a child's ticket in order to get to College for an interview. Upon getting to the ticket station I realised I was without the money to buy an adult ticket in my rushed state purchased a child's one instead, figuring it was better to pay something than nothing. Upon getting to the station I then panicked further and stated I bought it by accident before admitting the
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