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  1. I really appreciate the input dx! Will get SAR off tomorrow too! The one thing that I was worried about as you can see from my previous post was the first reason on my letter were I stated I did not know about the debt. I thought someone had said this to me to state this but now I am unsure. Tks.
  2. Hi DX and Jojo - Many Thanks for the reply. I have prepared a N244 form to send by recorded post tomorrow. I wonder if anyone could look at it and give me some direction. If anyone could please PM me and I will send over. - PS - The reason there has been a substantial delay on this is because I ended up having to go back and do some work in Tenerife due to not being able to start my job here in London. So I have stated that I was unaware up until my date of departure from Tenerife to London permenantly again which was the 2nd of Jan 2013.
  3. Thats awesome dx - thank you. My only worry was that Welcome would update my new address details then come looking for the money for the ccj whilst I am applying for it to be set aside. Tks. J
  4. Here is the submission I was going to put on N244 tomorrow. Dear Sir/Madam, A CCJ was recorded against me on the 25th July 2012 in Northampton County Court for the amount of £3,551. I would like to ask that you set aside this judgement for the reasons below and to let me defend myself against Welcome Financial Services. I moved to Tenerife, Canary Islands on the 3rd December 2011 and have only recently came back to London permanently. I still have the house that we began renting in December 2011 in Tenerife which is coming to the end of our 1 year contract and we wil
  5. Hi dx, thanks so much for writing back! I haven't sent any SAR yet as I wanted to submit the N244 tomorrow to the court. Shall I send a SAR off tomorrow to Welcome Finance too? Is there a template section for these types of letters? I can proved completely that I was living in Tenerife at the time and had received Spanish recidency. In fact because of what happened in London with the CCJ and not being able to go back to work my wife and kids had to stay in the house in Tenerife and we still have the property there so very much can prove I was out of UK.
  6. Hi Havina and dx, I know this post is old but quite literally this CCJ has messed up all everything for me afer I returned to London. I worked in financial services and i am barred at the moment because of this ccj. I didn't manage to do anything afer the ccj was registered in July as I had to go back to Tenerife and try to sell my business due to not being able to work in London. I am back with my head clear. I am planning to submit a N244 to the Court asking them to set aside the judgement. Shall I post my letter here that I was going to submit? What
  7. Hi Everyone I was hoping to receive some advice on a very difficult situation I have found myself in. I suppose I will start at the beginning to give you all the details. I took out an initial loan with Welcome Finance back in 2006 for £1500 which included PPI. I then received a phonecall a year later after clearing half of it asking me if I would like a further loan of money, I agreed and so the initial loan was repaid and I had a new loan of £3000 without PPI. In 2008 I stopped paying this loan due for a number of reason and effectively cut off cont
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