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  1. All sorted I will be paying via standing order Would it be possible to close this thread now Thank you
  2. Thank you so much postal order ace idea !! I will try that Thank you all for helping me gain peace of mind today .
  3. Hi I tried to pay my debt with a prepaid card today They refused to accept it said it came up on their system as a credit card I asked for their bank details they refused and refused a direct bank transfer I don't know what I should do now dare not allow them Direct debit details in case empty my account I have finally taken control of my debts But QQ refuse to allow me to pay today The first instalment Totally tired with trying to pay What do I do now please Emails waste of time just get standard reply
  4. Your advice is helpful should I keep asking to pay via bank transfer? I used the link found on previous post to euro net and sent money to it Quick quid said they did not give out these bank details and should not use it again My bank are getting my payment back from cash euro net as quick quid said it is not there details to QQ I just want their account details to pay back via standing order or transfer A bankers cheque is £15 a postal order £12 I don't know what else to do I just want to pay it back
  5. They don't accept personal cheque Yes I want rid of the debt I can do overtime to pay Thank you
  6. £1517 Original loan £1000 They keep adding interest I want to pay back via 6 payments I feel so embarrassed and shame To be in this situation I am addressing my debts and committed to payback but need control They are so unhelpful All I want to do is payback via bank transfer on the 2 nd of the month I'm suffering with mental health problems but am on the road to recovery Your site is a guiding soothing light for people like me
  7. Thank you but they send generated reply to call I want to pay back afraid if give bank details they will empty account I got into this mess but want to pay via bank transfer
  8. Hi this is my first post Quick quid are being unhelpful I want to pay back via bank transfer They refuse prepaid card refuse standing order What should I do
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