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  1. Breach of contract been my contract being intermediate? and being placed on advanced?
  2. My contract of employment, does, yes. But, however, my apprenticeship agreement doesn't state level of apprenticeship I agreed to or the course, which it officially should.
  3. Basically I mean that the agreement which I signed was not up to standard with the legislation it is accounted with, the agreement does not state that the course or qualification I should of been working to. Example: Apprentice gets given an agreement, says here sign this your agreeing to the fact that we can sack you, this agreement does not link with the official apprenticeship agreement, which says you need to include the course/level the apprentice/college/employer is agreeing too.
  4. I didn't mean to come across with an attitude, sorry if it came across in that way, I think the information which you gave me is correct, but been researching and it states the apprenticeship agreement pretty much makes that information come across unnecessary
  5. What do you mean I just stopped doing the coursework without discussing it with anyone? The company was aware I was struggling through, mid-year and end of year reports. My college representative agreed in the termination meeting that I should have been placed on level 2, The college didn't exactly approve of what went on, that's all I can generally say. Also I quote the college representative, "bradley was placed on the course due to connections between the companies managing director and the college principle"
  6. Hello there, just looking for some advice on the situation I've been placed in, My apprenticeship was recently terminated due to not completing my coursework, for a Level 3 course which I should never of been on, as my contract states intermediate apprenticeship meaning Level 2, I had no warnings prior to the termination, and was literally put into a meeting with a HR manager and she made reference to the apprenticeship agreement I had signed, which she only made reference to the a agreement I did not comply with, which was not completing the college work, I told her this must be irrelevant be
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