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  1. Hi Seminole, I went down the road of asking a solicitor regarding my Mums death, which was completely their doing, l have the inquest report. I was informed that owing to my Mums age l would be granted the costs of the funeral, despite the fact at 90 she was healthy for her age, out shopping and having lunch with friends a few days before being admitted to hospital. As a family we became so stressed by it all and my brother had a heart attack, so we did not pursue it any further. I wish you luck and hope you continue with your quest for answers. I am grateful l had my Mum longer than most people, and she had a good life, but l will never forgive the hospital for making her last days so dreadful , she was terrified and we could not help her, no matter how we tried.
  2. After a harrowing experience with the NHS, l am afraid l noted despite some excellent nurses, a few, although highly qualified where completely lacking in common sense, compassion and had not one ounce of kindness in them, and to them it was just a job, sitting chatting at the desk and huffing and puffing if someone rang the bell, they where of the opinion they where far too good for some of the tasks asked of them. Sad to have to say this, but l sat there for three weeks with my Mum and for the last week 24 hours a day until she passed away. I could write a book, it was disgraceful watching the elderly treated like that, some had no visitors or family and my heart went out to them, l did my best and spent every hour l could with my MUM, and on the occasion l went home she fell and was put back to bed despite having major brain damage. They noticed hours later as it was a Saturday night and weekend staff. Her notes also went missing and as far as l know never found.
  3. Hi Sali, l had the exact same experience with my Mum, she told me a couple of nurses had been rough with her, l got a shrug of the shoulders from the nurse who also heard the comment, very shortly after they put a IV in her hand, when l came back to ask for answers on the bruise's on her arm, they insisted it was caused by the IV. Nothing was ever connected to the IV. There was a catalogue of cover ups and neglect, which resulted in her death. I have been haunted by all this for two years, so angry with myself for not doing more. They even tried to give us a death certificate with an incorrect cause of death. Her care was shocking, no one person was ever as far as l know investigated, despite a serious accident report, numerous letters and meetings. As far l can see all is the same and nothing has changed, l also will never forget or forgive.
  4. Risk assessment in relation to falls, yes they do that but they do not take any notice of it, my mother was assessed, and found to be a high risk, was moved out of hours to another ward with no notes, fell on the second night there, put back to bed and passed away 6 days later with brain damage, five doctors blatantly lied to cover this up and said she had a bleed to the brain and fell, this was subsequently dismissed after insisting an on autopsy, she died of a head injury, been through all the complaints procedures and same reply, thank you for bringing this to our attention, policies will be changed and so on, this was two years ago and nothing changed, same hospital under investigation this week. All so sad.
  5. So pleased to hear today have stopped the barbaric use of Liverpool Pathway, my mother was put on that after having a fall in the hospital, she had a bleed to the brain caused by an overdose of blood thinner and also giving her aspirin, despite five doctors insisting she had a bleed to the brain and fell, proved wrong at the autopsy, sadly she died of head trauma. I was told she would never get any better and was dying, she was put on the Liverpool Pathway after three days, I was called out of her room and when l went back all fluids had been removed, her nightdress just laid on her, her feet left exposed at the end of the bed and not covered. The first day she was distressed but gave up on the second and passed away after three days. I cannot describe how l felt sitting watching her die for three days. Pleased no one else will have to go through that.
  6. Unfortunately I had a very bad experience with a NHS hospital, but l am sure the NHS in most cases offer care second to none. Spain has its problems, but having experienced a stay in hospital in Spain found it excellent, and l must say anyone paying £1000 a month for health care is either quite mad, rich or recently took it out at a very advanced age with a major on-going illness. Normally 150 euros a month is the norm for private care when over 50. Reports of Spain not accepting the Ehic card has I am sure occurred, but l am equally positive not on a grand scale . I questioned my daughter-in-law on this as she works in the Spanish health system and she told me yes errors have occurred on a very small scale and staff have been informed, lessons have been learnt and policies changed And I would also like to point out : Spaniards have the highest healthy life expectancy in Europe according to a new report. The new report by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) found that Spain topped most developed countries for HEALTH and HEALTHCARE despite a dire financial crisis.
  7. Hi moggy1968 l am afraid with experience of my mothers patient care, privacy and dignity in the NHS , all l can say there was none, and as for being observed by staff, well that proved totally useless as she fell in the ward, was put back to bed and owing to overdose of blood thinner had bleed to the brain which they noticed 9 hours later, she sadly died 6 days later after being put on Liverpool Pathway. Routine tasks undertaken by professional staff well that's a good one, could not be bothered to feed her properly. As for medical standards significantly below the Uk, l think not.
  8. Well need to mention that thousands of expats live in Spain and they are not registered with the Spanish health system and for some reason they assume an EHIC card is all they need, the EHIC card is for emergency treatment whilst on holiday not for residents, residents are supposed to register with the Spanish system and revoke the right to the NHS, only using an EHIC card in the UK, this causes confusion at many hospitals. As for Spain being bankrupt, well this maybe , but l can assure anyone they have a far better system than the NHS, no wards, all two beds in a room with an en suite bathroom. unlimited visiting times and a family member encouraged to stay the night with a very ill family member. (Very difficult for negligence to occur ) Over the years many expats have come to Spain to get a new hip whilst on holiday and Spain was very lapse with who was and who was not entitled to treatment, now times are hard and they have reviewed the system and mistakes are made, but on the whole very good with only a minority having a problem.
  9. Thanks Sali Oh you are so right You'll be told that 'lessons have been learned' and 'issues have been addressed.' You'll be thanked for 'bringing the matter to their attention,' exactly what we have been told, and we have been through the whole thing, written to the correct people had a meeting with the hospital, insisted on the autopsy which confirmed they where quite clearly going to give us an incorrect death certificate, not much more l can do, maybe accept the compensation of the funeral costs, but find this an insult to the memory of my Mother, we could pay for a funeral but not protect her from the NHS. All been very sad.
  10. Hi BazzaS Thank you for this information, what do l want to achieve? the truth would be nice, policies put in place to ensure the elderly are treated with the respect they deserve, an end to the daily cruelty of our elderly relatives, the NHS to be made accountable, staff conercerned sacked and prosecuted. The RSPCA take owners of animals to court for cruelty, maybe someone should start a charity enabling families to take on the NHS, that would bring a quick change in policy. Once again thank you will look into this.
  11. Hi BazzaS Thanks for your response, the inquest was a long drawn out one and questions where asked, most not answered as the Nurse and Doctor representing the hospital could not answer most of them, the Nurse had only been on duty a short time and prior to her fall hand never met Mum, the doctor saw her after the fall briefly ( hes was a diabetes specialist) on call and also could not answer many of the questions. The inquest was really about the fall and her death, and this was dealt with. It was made clear had hospital policy been adhered to she may not have fell, i.e. moving a high risk patient out of hours verbally with no notes. I am so angry that the NHS can treat people like this with no punishment to those involved, I will get someone to help me write to PALS and explain my concerns, myself and my family are convinced there has been a cover up regarding the Stroke Ward (no longer there and staff moved) . Then to have four doctors say she fell as a result of a bleed or stroke as far too much damage done as a result of a fall. Most people would have accepted that. I agree with Sali and want to see the CPS bring charges of corporate manslaughter for such failures.
  12. Hi As l have said the issue of the fall has been dealt with, letters wrote, accident report dealt with and the coroners verdict in. What l need is advice on is how to address the issue of the treatment in the ward leading up to the fall, she was only on the ward she fell in for 24 hours , and they had no notes on her. The inquest was attended by the nurse in charge, and the doctor on call (as it was a weekend) from that ward. Our questions have never been answered on the treatment or lack of treatment she recieved on the Stroke rehab ward, do l write again demanding an explanation, l know all staff where questioned but we have never had any respones on this. Do we have the right to know what happened in the inhouse enquiry? I need an answer as there was a definate case of professional misconduct in that ward, but feel we are being fobbed off. Would really appreciate any advice on this Linda
  13. Hi Yes l understood the low value was pertaining to the amount of any claim, just thought it was an unfortunate way of wording it, and the hosptial has at the inquest said changes will be made to stop this happening again. The press are aware as they where at the inquest, and a report was in the local paper with headlines " Lessons learnt over death fall". What l dont seem to be able to address is the treatment leading up to the fall, it was dreadfull and we wrote a letter to the trust asking for answers and to be honest never really got any. They only seem to want to discuss the fall, and yes there was a specific individual on the stroke ward who's conduct was less than professional. You are correct its not about the money, but making changes in the NHS is vital and treatment of the elderly needs addressing, nothing seems to do this as reports on lack of care and neglect are increasing at an alarming rate. I would like to thinks lessons have be learnt by Mums fall but l dont think so, on a rather cynical note neglecting the elderly and then paying for the funeral, would be a tremendous saving on the part of the NHS rather than treating them and have them taking up beds. Makes you think.
  14. Hi Sali Thank you for your response, l have not mentioned the hospital concerned as not sure where to go now, we have contacted a lawyer for advice, and have been told we have a case but owing to my mothers age this would be of LOW VALUE and the best we can expect is they will pay the funeral fees and a small amount for the distress to the family. Well l never really thought of my mother as low value, found this a dreadfull way the phrase it but thats what it says, A LOW VALUE CASE , the hospital concerned has not the best of reputations according to the lawyer and have a team of lawyers fighting theses cases all the time. Find it appalling that a hospital trust has money for lawyers to fight cases of neglect and in some cases bordering on manslaughter. I also am confused about the inquest, it went on for four hours, and the verdict was not neglect, but an avoidable fall. Not sure what that means, was the hospital responsible or my mum at fault for getting up from the chair. It was the lack of treatment for a medical condition and total neglect that made her fall as she was suffering from delerium and hallucinating. Moved out of hours to a new ward with no notes and dumped in a chair with her belongings in bags on the floor.
  15. Sorry for your loss, I know how you feel, have been through a terrible time with the NHS regarding my Mum, l have posted the story on here, we did insist on a Pm and it came back that she died of a fall in the hospital, they said she only fell because she had the bleed to the brain first, we have been through an inquest, had reports from the hospital trusts, a serious incident report, we have complained by letter and had a meeting, we still have not had our questions answered, good luck with the NHS mechanism for complaints,they seem to me only their to protect themselves and are not really any help at all. It seems to me we all must keep writing out stories and inform the newspapers, they hate the publicity, but feel this is the only way there will be any change. If a regular person mistreated a person, neglected them and caused their death they would be charged with manslaughter. Good luck and keep at it and l sincerely hope you get all the answers. Linda
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