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  1. All bailiff companies have welfare departments which when you ask to be referred they have to help you reach a mutually agreeable payment plan.
  2. I took out a family policy with simply health through my employer, (I pay for this directly out of my wages) I contacted them recently to change the address on the policy to be told they had received an instruction from my employer to cancel this 17 months previously. The payments have continued to go out of my wages. I delved a bit deeper into this through my employer and the insurance company to find out that they had never received an instruction to cancel from either me or my employer but one of their employees had cancelled it on the day their employment was terminated. To date I ha
  3. I just wanted to update my situation incase it can help anyone else. I took out a log book loan for £2400 in October 2012 this month (July 2013) my work dropped so I could not afford the repayments. The car also broke down and we had been told it was terminal. I got in touch with mobile money via email on the 16/07/2013 stating that I could not afford the monthly repayments but could pay off the balance of £2178 in October but needed a payment break until then. They refused this. I also told them that the car was due to be scrapped. They quickly responded that he car was legally th
  4. I just wanted some advice on where I stand I've had a log book loan for some time and never missed a payment. We are currently in the position where we are struggling to pay. The car itself has died a death and has been scrapped so there is not a car to repossess. I would like to reduce the amount we are paying but mobile money have refused. Am I best just stoping payments or what other options do I have?
  5. ive heard nothing for a few weeks. ive not even offered reduced payments. I only want a means of payment without abuse eg standing order. On the 14th of October it will be 90 days since i last paid so im presuming im now classed as a drop off?
  6. sounds very familiar!! im now 2 months since last payment. ive refused to pay direct to a brighthouse employee in person or on the phone due to the abuse they have so freely dished out. ive asked for bank details so i can set up a direct debit... 8 weeks on still waiting!!
  7. Dont be bullied by this cowboy company they cant take anything without a court order and to state that they can puts them in breech of the trading standards guidelines.
  8. can i suggest you download a copy of the office of fair tradings guidelines on debt collection for consumer credit agreements its an interesting read. Im not sure brighthouse as a company are aware of it though!! they seem to break every one of the guidelines!!
  9. ive been intouch with the ombudsman who have opened a case. we told brighthouse that we will pay when they provide details of how we can without dealing with any of their representatives, theyve yet to supply these. Recording them seems to have worked though as weve not heard from them in nearly a week!!
  10. we've done this 4 times and I have again stated it over the phone to head office. The monkey that came out today stood in the middle of our street shouting that we should expect bailiffs!! all on tape I might add!!
  11. My husband and I have 3 agreements with brighthouse the last one being taken out last summer. We are both students and understandably our finances fluctuate. We always maintained our payments until july this year when we fell 2 weeks behind I phoned the Chester store and asked to speak to the store manager, only to be told that he was on annual leave. I was out onto a chap claiming to be the deputy manager. I explained that I was 2 weeks behind and needed to split the arrears over 2 weeks in order to get back on track. At this point the deputy manager started shouting that I had signed
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