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  1. hi crem. i am not sure how they gave it. he pleaded guilty and gave the reason for his driving in such a state. we took the hospitalisation sheet of my mom and my own medical report. It is actually 8 months but he took a safety course so it is 6mnths.
  2. sorry for not updating the result asap. but actually i updated it as soon as we got the verdict but it is not showing on the comments. he got 6 months ban and 420£ fine including court fee and all..
  3. surely i ll tell what happened..u all are helping me alot to keep my mind steady.. i am planning to go with him. that will be good if the clerk helps..hope he gets a ban and fine..no jail sentence..
  4. Thank you all.. Ya he is planning to plead guilty..
  5. I don't know.. Anyway he is not planning to get off.. He is planning to plead guilty because he is drinking and driving.. For that do we need a solicitor or just go and plead??
  6. Hello honey bee thank you for the advice. I didn't get your reply to my mail unfortunately. So sorry for not replying faster. I am thinking to take sometime to see if he is asking someone the same thing to get a visa.
  7. Hello everyone, He got his results today it seems, the reading was 98 for 100ml of blood. A policeman took him to the station at 10 am to handover the result and his court date. The court date is on 8th feb. any ideas what to expect there?? Should we get professional help now?? He says he can't afford it as the one we called asked 1000£ to deal the case. Is it that high??
  8. Hi, i am confused about something about a illegal immigrant. i have a friend of a friend who i met only once. the very next day he asked me to marry him and i got inquistive because he is soo pushy about it. Fom what i gathered from my friend he is in uk illegally so need a uk citizen to get a visa. He applied for a visa a 2 years back that should be in 2011 with a false college certificate to get a work visa. He didn't get it because he sent wrong photos or something(not sure about this). Then he again sent the officials the original pics. From that time according to her he never got a
  9. Do anyone know in how much time we may get the letter??? As some of pointed..it is his first offence. He is willing to plead guilty.
  10. thank you all for your answers..sorry couldnt answer you before as my mom was hospitalised.. on update we are still waiting for his letter.
  11. Oh k.. Hope it comes below the limit. Because it will be my fault he is driving in the first place. Because I lost my grandad two days before and I asked him to come ASAP because my mom is in hysterics. I ll be terribly alone if he is sent to jail.
  12. Thank you ..he weighs 72kgs. ..he had his last drink just 30 mins prior to getting caught.. But it's a small glass of port wine.. What is back calculating? And also I got a new doubt.. The breath analyser reading are 42 , 45 in the police car and 46 in the station.. Which will be taken into acount?
  13. Thank you aretnap.. Ya he says the blood test is taken after an hour and half.. I am just praying it comes below the limit.. I never knew 2 glasses of port wine has soo much effect..I don't drive so never thought wine is soo alcoholic..(
  14. Thank you. Ya he did get a blood sample. But couldn't get it tested as my local chemist lab told they don't do the alcohol test.
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