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  1. They were very prompt but they too six months after that ntification to actually send the summons through. I would advice you to use this time to seek a solicitor, challenge the overpayment, see if you have not under claimed on any of your other benefits. Thanks a lot
  2. I agree with Benefits Bod. Please seek legal advice. I was very naive and went an IUC on my own at the moment they are taking me to court. Not to frighten you but they use what you say in these interviews against you. If i knew what I know now I would NOT have attended the interview without legal advice. Dont worry go to CAB office asap
  3. Hi guys hope this helps. I had my IUC in January and I had a letter in february saying they have passed my file to legal department with intention to prosecute. I only got my court summons on the 10th of August stating I was due in court on the 23rd of August. So the whole process was close 9 months. Good luck guys
  4. That is the route I intend to take. I know how difficult it is to get registered with a criminal record so I have lived on the straight and narrow. I have discussed this with my solicitor. I think it would not benefit prosecution in any way to prosecute me. I did not intentionally defraud the system. I honestly thought I was entitled to HB
  5. Thanks for your reply. That is very positive. I would want to pay everything I owe back. I am not bothered of any penalties because at the end of the day it was my own naivety that has brought me to this place. So is there a possibility that the prosecutor on the day can seek overpayment only and not a conviction. Will I have an opportunity to speak to prosecution before the actual trial starts ?
  6. Yes I have had IUC and my benefit was recalculated after that. So naive me assumed that the IUC was to sort out my benefit. In the IUC i was very truthful and explained to them that my bursary went to childcare. They asked for statements of which I provided. The nightmare was when I realised they are actually taking me to court. I wish there was a way to settle this without me getting a criminal conviction because it will mean I cannot get a job within the nursing field and my crb will be ruined. I really want to pay it all back I seriously do. I only want a chance to work and pay back
  7. yes I have seen a solicitor. He has not said much because he has not had a chance to look at the case. I have not even had a chance to discuss anything with him. I know ignorance is not a defence but I assumed because I had declared I was on HB and CTB in my bursary and student loan application the information will be shared. I have not slept a wink since recieving the scary heap of letters from the council telling me I am facing imprisonment and a fine if found guilty. I feel like I have let myself and all my family who were supporting me
  8. Please help. I Have a court date next week for an overpayment of 5 500 over 2 and a half years. the overpayment is as a result of failure to notify the council of my student status. I was claiming housing benefit and council benefit prior to starting uni and due to ill advice to the fact that lone parents are entitled to hb and ctb I continued. I know the overpayment occurred because of my own ignorance and stupidity but I honestly thought I was entitled to it. Now my worry is the courts will find me guilty of benefit fraud and will ruin all my career prospects. I have recently finished a degree in nursing and a conviction will mean crb will come with a criminal conviction and chances of registering with the nmc are like zero. Is there a way any way of avoiding a criminal conviction. I have never stolen or had a brush with the law. I am willing to repay all the overpayment. I am so scared and suicidal please heelp
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