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  1. Thanks for that advise Zootscoot Looks like its best to let it lie & aim at my next credit card company insted
  2. Sorry for such a delay I was sent abroad by my compmany so this matter lay dormant. Basically where I.m at: Prelim letter sent. Reply came back as: Basically saying it was fair & I agreed to the charge at the time etc. Can I still now go on to a LBA? Reading a few threads it seems ERC isn't always successful is this true or chaould I carry on? Soirry for the questions but I've been out of touch with the recent case etc & if any legislation has changed or a presidence has been set? Thanks all in advance.
  3. I've received a reply from the Chelsea BS (Richard Gould - Head of Residential Mortgages) stating: My next question is do I wait for their response or do I send out my LBA letter once the initial 14 days from my prelim letter have elapsed?
  4. Letter sent today to NW Credit Card Services telling them I'm very unhappy with their response & to forward the mssing data within 7 days or else further action will take place. Clock ticking!
  5. I sent a data request to NW credit card services dated 15/8/2006. Received a reply saying it was being processed on 21/8/2006 from Susan Taylor. Received a package this morning (26/9/200) from Susan Taylor with the following response: Hence they have sent no statements!! How should I respond to this as I paid a fortune out in charges prior to my balance being nil. Any help appreciated.
  6. All monies now received & cheques put into my bank. Matter closed - now for the NW credit card fight
  7. Preliminary letter typed & envelope sealed. Lets see what their response is.
  8. Hi all Fresh from my success over Nationwide BS for reclaiming my bank charges I've decided to see if I can reclaim my early redemption charges from Chelsea BS. Basically I took out a mortgage with the Chelsea around May 2004 as with my credit score they we're one of the few that would touch me. I then remortgage around September 2005 as my credit score improved. My mortgage was a "prospect 1% discount for 12 months off variable rate + 0.50%". Base rate @ 6.240%.Total rate 5.740%. I borrowed £120500 over 25 years - repayment mortgage. In the offer it did state should I repay my mortgag
  9. Letter received from NW (Dannielle Gee) saying they have paid my one claim into my individual account & enclode a cheque for my joint account claim.....yipppeee!!!! However, no cheque enclosed!! So I called her & explained that my account is closed & there is no cheque - she apologised & promised to get the cheques sent off in the next couple of days!!! RESULT!! (they've paid in full - all but £36-20) Thank you all - now maiting for NW credit card statements & conteplating whether I can claim my early redemption fees back from Chelsea or not?!?
  10. Thanks Dolly, I'll sit & wait a little bit longer.
  11. thats the bit I'm slightly worried about. As both my accounts have been closed now for approx. 2 years. In my prelim letter & LBA I did state I wanted cheques but I'm not sure have efficient these guys at NW are. Anyone else out there had payment by cheque?
  12. Still no further correspondances from NW. It s been 7 days since they acknowledged - does this mean I can expect they to defend or is it normal? I'm starting to get nervous that it'll end up in court.
  13. Well this morning Nationwide have acknowledged both my claims against them. Charles Bacon's name is on both acknowledgements saying that they will defend this case in full. What next apart from wait? Do I need to email him with the details of my claim against him or should he have all the oprevious correspondances I sent to th NW head office.
  14. Silly question but...... On my moneyclaim - its now appearing as issued (04/09/06) then in the judgment box its says 'start' Do I need to do anything with regard to the 'start'...there appears to be 2 choices (a) not filed an admission or defence & (b) has admited. Do I need to do anything now or is this once I get a response from NW? TIA
  15. Hmmmm. Could be interesting getting the money without a cheque as both my accounts with them have been closed for over 2 years now.
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