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  1. Just a quick update. Went to court today and managed to get the order suspended. Agreed to monthly instalment plus £ 100. Their solicitors were realy pushing for eviction as said arrears went back to 2005. I stressed we had always paid to arrears but becau of all charges we never seemed to reduce it. Solicitor stated charges were seperate but judge advised wasn't always the case and advised us to see about getting some advice on them. Told him we were already going to do that. Solo glad that is over was shaking when we came out!! When I asked acenden for copy of statements they only sent m
  2. Hi I have the mortgage agreement but not all the statements.
  3. hi Ell-en yes that was the statement i used .Thanks
  4. We definately know it was mis sold . tried to claim it back a few years ago but got nowhere. It was originally taken out in sept 2004 and arranged through ocean finance. We contacted them but they wrote to say that OFML which is ocean finance and mortgages ltd could not have played any role in the sale of the policy. OFML was not incorporated until september 2003 and did not actively operate as a business entity until 14th Jan 2005. They state from Jan 1997 Mr Paul Newey owned the business as a sole trader using the name Ocean Finance. On 14th jan 2005 OFML ac
  5. Hi Ell-en i wrote that the reasons for the arrears were that my partner was not paid for the work he carried out and then was unemplyed for a few weeks. I stated that he was now working again and we were confident we could now make the regular payments plus a extra £100. I have not made a payment to acenden as i offered them £1200 but they said they needed £2000 before they would consider a new arrangement. We were previously paying £200 towards the arrears but we were always struggling. I am also self employed and usually pay the loan from my wages but was having to
  6. Hi it was this morning . I read through other threads for hours last night and have submitted a budget sheet a witness statemant and printed off the Cheltenham and Gloucester info and sent it all with n244. I have a hearing on tues at 10: 30.. they advised they do not have any duty solicitors. Any more info.would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  7. hi sorry to be a pain but could realy do with help filling in the form for the court if anyone can help. thanks
  8. Hi could anyone please help. I am over 2 months payments late on my mortgage which has a suspended possession order. Both me and my partner are self employed. We were paying £550 plus £ 200 towards our arrears. Unfortunately my partner wasn't paid from a job and we couldn't make the last 2 payments. We have approx £3000 in arrears plus £2000+ in charges. Offered them £1200 and wanted to make a new arrangement but they wouldn't accept less than £2000 upfront. I have an eviction date of the 21/8. Receved today the form from the court to try to have
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