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  1. okay i've typed the letter up. "FINAL DEMAND despite previous communication concerning your debt, we have no satisfactory response. We now demand immediate repayment of £500. interest will be added on the same basis as presently applies. you have 18 days from the date of this letter to repay in full. Action may be taken against you through debt collectors or solicitors if you fail to comply with this demand in 18 days of the date of this letter. You may also be taken to court. As you have not made payments that are due to be paid, this information, including your name and address will be given to the credit reference agencies named below if we do not receive a satisfactory response from you. Credit reference agencies supply information to lenders in order to establish peoples credit history quickly and simply. Lenders then use this information to help decide whether or not to accept applications for credit from customers. If details of your default are given to credit reference agencies, this may make it more difficult for you to obtain credit elsewhere in the future. "
  2. I havnt got a scanner i'm afraid. The letter is from HSBC. They had been sending me default notices, but i hadn't recieved them as they were going to my parents address not mine. This is a FINAL DEMAND letter. wah.
  3. hello everyone, I opened a student account with a £500 overdraft limit around a year ago and I spent it as I had no other money to live on in the summer before the start of my course, as I was expecting my student loan to go into the account in september to pay it off. Unfortunately there were problems all year with student finance and I have not received any loan all year, so there has been no money going into the account. I have just received a letter saying I have 8 days to pay it back or they will send me to court/send out of bailiffs, I rang HSBC and explained that there will be money coming into the account next month to pay it off, but they said they have to pass the debt on in 8 days. What can I do? can I pay a little back to them before the 8 days? advice would be much appreciated, thankyou x
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