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  1. Hi pink butterfly As yet we've heard nothing back from opus regarding this. Not sure if it's worth me chasing it up or not
  2. Hi rebel Thanks for your reply. I'd have to speak with my father to see if he can remember the various companies he's used in the past 7 years. Now shouldn't the opus guys have made their intentions clear from the begining and also have sealed the meter infront of my father? What if the previous sub leasee had tampered with the meter how could we prove it. I'll take the initial steps and contact our solicitor first and take it from there.
  3. Hi rebel My father has owned the business for about 7 years now apart from approx March 2012 to nov 2012, when it was sub leased. My father was with utility warehouse prior to subletting and in feb 2013 went with opus, as the tennant had joined with another company in his 6 months there whilst leaving unpaid bill. The guys who checked the meter took the seal with them. Sorry if I was unclear earlier, they took approx 15 minutes to swap the meter. And at the end produced the seal which they queried with my father
  4. Hi all Please could I get some advice regarding an issue with opus energy. My father who owns a takeaway was visited by 2 British has guys on behalf of opus energy to check the meter (something which they did on all the shops on the parade) . After a quick check they advised my father the meter is over 20 years old so would therefore need to be replaced. They phoned back after a few days and made an appointment to visit and exchange it. On the day of the visit, 4 guys turned up (not sure why it required 4 of them) and went about their work about 15 mi
  5. :thumb:cool thank you for your help today IMS
  6. Thanks IMS is there a template letter i can use?
  7. Hi IMS its a little difficult to ascertain from this copy document , both boxes as mentioned are marked with an X, allthough one of them does appear to go ever so slightly outside the box, and then theres a third box also marked with an X to select the payment date. My who originally made the call regarding the PPI claim had stated the following reasons: my father didnt realise he had it it was something he shouldnt have had. he wasnt aware hed taken out PPI and thought it was a credit card only my father didnt want PPI it was not requested
  8. Hi good morning all. Please could i ask for your assistance and advice regarding a rejected PPI claim my father made with the Halifax. Initially a letter was sent to them and we received the standard reply including the following reasons, consent to cover, consent was given in the form of a cross and they are persuaded this required a verbal explanation to ensure we were aware of what was being purchased. therfore its concluded we knowingly consented to the addition of a PPI policy. in light of their findings they believe their advisor acted fairly & reasonably throughout
  9. Their bark is worse than their actual bite?
  10. Ok so my father has received futher letters advising a court date will be applied for on or for (i cant recall) next week some time with a threat of bailiffs to retrieve funds.Is this enforcable upon a telco debt? i thought i had read somewhere it doesnt, anyone here know? Would difference would it make it it were for a residential or business contract, does the legal standing change in anyway?
  11. Hi RMJAppreciate your response :)I think my father should perhaps forget the 'ignore' fucntion and address them via letter , obviously we cannot get out of contract but hopefully we can battle for reasonable and fair cancellation charges. Hes one stubborn old man though! i reckon he'd prefer for them to continue with their threats and simply ignore them in the hope they will go away. ahain hes not sure how they tracked him down to his home address, So he just needs to keep it for 6 years (lol) before the debt becomes insolvent? is that correct?
  12. Hi RMJSo in my fathers case the first anniversary of the 3 year contract is next month, so i guess we would have another 2 years to go?
  13. Hi Caro.Sorry for the late replyAs yet my father has declined to get into conversation with them on the phone, i guess we should really request a complete breakdown of charges and contest from there? As my father signed up for the contract in Sept 2011 i dont think 3 year contracts were banned at this point? i thought it was all new contracts from 2012 onwards? my fathers business is only small with 2 people. Can anyone shed any light if the contract is still enforceable? Thanks
  14. Hi Another DebtThanks for your post mate. As you left the pub did they also track you down to your new address or had you given them this info? Has anyone else had the missfortune of b eing in a similiar scenario?
  15. They also have located my father to his home address, i guess its easy for companies to locate peiople via their credit reports and linked addresses? allthough im pretty sure there was no link between the business and home address. Could be wrong. Wonder how they do it? Hmmm...So folks any ideas as to what options my father has available? should he contest the charges we deem unfair, the estimated usage charges they have applied, or ignore their letters?
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