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  1. Many thanks for that, would you not recommend e-mail contact then? I will give a care of address that's not a problem but as no fixed address they will struggle anyway.
  2. Hi folks, Can anyone tell me what I can do regarding these people? They have been ringing my family (who I rarely speak to let alone live with) asking them to confirm my address and other details as "they have something to deliver", upon further investigation it appears they are Capquest/Work with capquest. They will not say where they got relatives mobile numbers other than "public databases". I called them and they said they couldn't discuss anything unless I gave them an up to date address. Surely they are acting illegally by making calls to other people?! Than
  3. Thank you very much! They can jog on if they think they're going to get anything- blood out of a stone springs to mind!
  4. I have received several letters from Aktiv Kapital regarding an old account. I spoke to them today and explained I wasn't familiar with the account and if it was an account of mine then it was probably statute barred. The agent looked and confirmed that the account is statute barred. I said ah ok then, she went on to say that they are still looking to collect but just won't take legal action but that was never their intention. Where do I stand???
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