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  1. I took out a small Loan with CFO a few months back, I stupidly kept borrowing when I needed money for bills. two weeks ago I received a text asking if I wanted to pay in full or defer, as I couldn't afford to pay in full I opted to defer. they attempted to take payment on the 21st of December a week before payday. they call me and I tell them they made a mistake, they move my payment to the 28th. However they took the full amount owed, leaving me no money to pay my bills. I have been advised by my bank (Natwest) to contact them and ask them to refund my money because of the deferral agreement, They haven't been answering the phone so I thought about emailing them. My problem is that, as I did owe them money that I don't really have a leg to stand on. what should I should do?
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