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  1. Thank you everyone who has responded so promptly i will ceetainly take on board each comment. Brechiner, i will particulalrly consider following the same responses as you have done. Thanks again everyone.
  2. Hi like so many i am a newbie to his forum and have recieved a parking charge from Parking Eye. The notice has been isued after i had parked at the Welcome Brerak services in Oxford for a rest having drove from France for the previous nine hours. They have issued the notice demanding between £60 & £120 (dependant on when i am prepared to pay) on the basis that i had parked for 5 hours and 32 minutes without making a payment (They have also presented me with a photograph of my vehicle entering the carpark at 00:37 and leaving at 06:10 the same morning). The reason why i didnt make a ny payment for the parking is because i genuinely didnot see any signs where i pulled up, particularly as it was dark and in the morning i just set off without even going to the rest room. (Thats not to say there werent any signs, i just didnt see them at that time of night) Having read so many stories i am unsure if i should ignore, challenge or pay the charge. Any advice would be greatfully received. Many Thanks
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