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  1. Hi..i took it to a shop here in france and was told no way it can be unlocked for use in france until the service provider unlocks it from o2, to be used with a french sim....it has been unlocked once in the uk but only for uk use...so i then went to another place and was told the same thing...contacted Apple...they confirmed o2 need to do it and basically said they will fob you off so be persistant....but o2 are saying because we don't have the origional sim and number that came with the phone(being 2nd hand) then we have to fly to the uk and make a call from there...so that the IMEI is registered to the phone...then they will unlock it....they said today it is registered to o2 but not IMEI...no one in the past has said we needed to be in the UK to unlock it...they all know i live in France....its been going on for 2 months now and i have spent more that the phone cost to contact their CS department....but to buy an iphone out here its about 700 euro so i really want to get this up and running...had a nokia but dropped it...its also difficult to get a cheap pay as you go in france and i am worried sick...we live in a remote area and i have a pregnant fiance who may need to contact me....all i want to do is have it unlocked and them take the 15 pounds they claim it costs ...grrrrrr
  2. Hi, just looking for some advice...I live in France and my daughter in the Uk bought me a 2nd hand i phone 3gs and had it unlocked, but did not realise it had not been unlocked for use in France. I have a french sim... I have contacted O2 so many times and told to get O2 sim and top up by £15 and make a call .then the phone could be unlocked......got sim sent to me and did as they asked...still did not work ....I spoke to 3 different advisors over a 2 week period...all 3 put forward a request to have it unlocked, again nothing ....I managed to speak to one of these gurus online for O2 who claimed to be the manager...he is now saying the call has to be made from the UK and we must find the origional owner to get permission...explained it was from a 2nd hand shop but he is insisting the IMEI does not match the number we have now, even though it is now registered, so it can't be unlocked until i call from the UK...I have spoken to O2 from my phone and they text me all the time so not sure what he is on about...Apple informed me the old contract on the phone ran out last week so O2 can just unlock it anyway....I tried explaining that getting to the uk to make a call and trying to find out who owned the phone before me is not going to happen....I asked to speak to a UK advisor and he said no...we are in India but trained the same so we know what we are talking about.....How can over 10 different people get it wrong...each time i complain i get an appology from the last mistake...so what happens now...another appology for another person getting it wrong...all i want to do is speak to someone who knows what they are talking about.....does anyone have a magic number to contact O2 on, other that the 4444. 4445 ones... thanks in advance
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