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  1. they may come back after you if they were to be reported, id leave it alone,
  2. i saw this on facebook must be doing the rounds but its very funny:wink:
  3. If brady knows where keith is buried then why is he waiting to tell, keep him alive till he tells us, hes a disgusting evil thing let him suffer till his end, he doesnt deserve anything, Just my opnion mind,
  4. at last that evil man has gone, he wont have it good over there, he will get what he deserves now!!
  5. im glad they brought him back to life let him suffer like hes made winnie suffer, why should he be allowed to die peacefully he tortured those children, keep bringing him back to life horrible man, let him suffer
  6. Well said Lillibelle you took the words right out of my mouth,
  7. i very much doubt these women would want anything belonging to him, its just been shown on the news a tape where hes sitting on a young girl and shes telling him to "Get Off Me " or is this a lie???:shock: more of this is coming out of the woodwork now at last we will know the truth!!!
  8. he was also in on the jersey childrens home, no one was safe when he was a round and the young women were to scared to speak out its disgraceful,
  9. a hidden pervert, who used charities to perv on young women, thank goodness hes gone
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