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  1. They told it was too late for a payment as it was being processed or something. They swore to me it would be there in the morning but they have lied in the past. If it is not in the bank tomorrow then i will have to wait until Monday which is too late as i have already run out of electric so would they then make an exception and give me a same day payment as i have used all my criss loans. Thanks for the reply, i look forward to hearing from you soon. Great forum and will recommend it too family & friends.
  2. They told me it was too late as the claim was "processed" or was "processing" by the bank i assume and assured me it would be there tomorrow. If it is indeed to late, i take it that means there's a high chance it will be there in the morning? Thanks for the reply.
  3. What is the number for an emergency payment at the job center? Not to be confused with a crisis loan. I haven't had money for 18 days now, my electric is on 27p and have no food or gas. I have used all my crisis loans too. My money should have went in monday but due to illness i sent a jsa28 form instead. That was handed in to my local JC on monday, whats taking it so long! ugh!
  4. Surely i can phone up for a payment today as i have now gone 18 days without money, it was due monday. I have been told from friends they should give me the full amount today if i phone up.
  5. I handed the form to my local job center on monday, my money is still not in the bank. Why is it taking so long, please help?
  6. I didn't sign as i was ill. I only got the 14 day sickness form when i got well enough to go home. I am due money on Monday but will not be able to hand it in until then, when should i receive a payment? Please help my eletric is the verge of ticking out and have used all my crisis loans.
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