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  1. So I've had my head in the sand with this company and not dealt with them in over one year. So I should write to the above as you suggested. I need to write and get their complaints procedure. They haven't said this letter is about my debt, the recipient thinks it's fraud should I tell her it's my debt? She is waiting for a call back from them is it likely they will call and give her info about my debt to them?
  2. So I will try and keep this short. About two years ago I took a pdloan with PDE for around £300. After missing my payment they promptly passed my case on from collector to collector I haven't heard from them in about one year. Today someone else in my household who has never had a pay day loan nor knows iv had a payday loan got a default letter in the post this morning from PDE claiming she owes £900. She called them and they said they would call her back within one week. Just to be clear she's unaware of my debt and is not guarantor of any sort.
  3. Got a letter saying I need to pay £1 for either a bill or the original agreement. Damn I hate dealing with clowns lol.
  4. I got a letter saying I owe nearly £900 to CapQuest, I couldn't believe this so asked for more details. Then I provided my name and address that's as far as Iv got.
  5. I feel like such an idiot for getting stuck in this mess and also for falling for all this crap.
  6. Thanks imp just trying not to ignore anyone who contacts me, Marshall whores turning up at my door that one time scared me a bit.
  7. I got a letter from advantis saying they are collecting on behalf of capquest, I emailed them asking for details about my account and they demanded I provided name and address and date of birth before releasing any details about me, I sent them my name and address because they already have these but not my date of birth, they are insisting they need this, why should I send them this when the letter they sent me didn't include it, do they even know my DOB? Are they fishing for more info about me. So in short should I provide my DOB to get a copy of my accounts or should they be showing me what I ask for anyway?
  8. OH sorry must of missed that bit! Thank you for being so helpful.
  9. Any ideas why they are writing from Web Loans Processing Limited and not TFF?
  10. Hi so I need a bit of help! I complained to FOS and today I got an email from webloansprocessing.com saying "I have thoroughly reviewed your file and can see that you took out a loan of £200 on the 26th August 2011. The loan was on a 14-28 day basis. Interest is charged at the rate of £36 every 14 days. As a result of this your remaining balance is £1886." they then go on to say could accept a payment plan on 20 months of £50, reducing the amount to £1000. Is this my best option should I accept this? Why is there no mention of TFF in the email just webloanprocessing?
  11. Marshall Hoares came to my house about my TFF loan, I sent them away and they have done nothing buy email me still. They are asking for 1900 on a 200 loan they know I'm out of employment and haven't taken me to court.
  12. I contacted TFL today to explain my situation they now want a p45 should I send it? They sent me an instant auto reply they must of picked up on the word unemployed... Dear#### Thank you for emailing us. Unemployment It is advisable that during this period you stay in regular contact with your Creditors to avoid extra penalty fees. We are sympathetic to your situation. At the time you took out the loan you were expecting payment from #### on 30.09.11. In order for us to help it is important that we establish that the loan was taken with accurate information and that your subsequent loss of employment can be substantiated. Please send: 1. a copy of your P45 as well as a copy of your redundancy 2. proof of any income support and / or benefits you receive 3. the maximum* amount you are able to pay 4. how regularly* you will be able to pay this We will also now contact your employer to confirm your redundancy in the event that these documents are not recieved and/or the loan is not settled in full. The total amount you owe is GBP 1778. Please note: - WE WILL NOT be able to accept any payment plan until YOU have provided us with this information. - that any inconsistency discovered will be REPORTED to the relevant authorities and make you INELIGIBLE for a payment plan. * depending on what you can pay we may be able to stop legal and recovery fees being added to your file and stop any adverse credit. If you are not able to make such payments then we will have no choice but to pass your file to third party Recovery Agents who will visit your home to discuss the debt. This will incur further fees and impact your credit file. We look forward to hearing from you TODAY on 08000 882 222 to achieve a speedy and cost effective resolution to this matter. Remember payments can be made by visiting our webiste http://www.toothfairyfinance.com and clickin g the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Pay Now\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" section Payment Plans It is always advisable to stay in contact with your creditors to avoid additional penalty charges. Loans are meant to be repaid in full at the end of the initial loan term. This is made very clear in the terms and conditions you agreed to when you took out the loan. We cannot accept a payment plan. Please confirm when you will be making FULL PAYMENT to close your file. Please note payment of GBP 1778 needs to be made by 14.12.12 to stop this file being passed to third party Recovery Agents and further fees being added. however...... you can rollover / extend your loan by just paying the interest on day 28 of your loan. You will receive an email explaining this when you are eligible Yours sincerely ANTI-FRAUD
  13. Telephone them at let them know up front if possible, this could avoid a letter.Just a thought
  14. http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/ I have complained here in the past actually!
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