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  1. I was told the company were now more tech focused and I needed to learn to understand it more - Training in this area, I don't need training to be offensive. But you are right, I do need to move on
  2. Thanks for the reply. In regards to No 4 - I've asked for training to be given (as other members of my team have had this) but it's not been offered to me. The whole incident seems extremely harsh to say that is bullying as the word was said to a colleague about this person, not to this persons face and it's a one time thing that has happened in my 2 and 6 mths at the company. In the past months I have complained about another manager and the way he spoke to me, he actually sellotaped my laptop to my desk - as far as I am aware he wasn't given a warning, so I feel I am being trea
  3. I had a meeting with my manager today and was told that they want to give me a warning over an incident when I'd called someone in our team a prick. I was told it was aggressive behaviour and the warning was bullying. No formal warning process is in place at my company and when I mentioned this I was told that I would be sent a process. My manager then told me I should take the weekend to consider my position. I was told that the company has changed a lot in the time I've been here (2 yrs 6 mths) and I hadn't evolved with them. I didn't seem to want to fit in or work with people
  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed and complete reply. I will take that on board.
  5. I've worked at my current role for 2 and half years. For 2 yrs I had two managers, neither of which ever raised any problem with my work. The company I work for are very small and we don't have any appraisal or any HR process - so my feedback had always come via 1to1 meetings with my managers. Over my 2 yrs I had also been given praise from some of our clients over work delivered. Six months ago I got a new manager. At our 3rd meeting she told me she had concerns over my work, suggesting I wasn't fulfilling the job as she'd see fit and had told the compan
  6. Think I am building a few examples to raise a grievance. I also found out about a job on my account which is coming up. I had a meeting with HR on the Thursday, and was told they weren't aware of any possible roles. The following Monday I was told (off the record by a colleague) of someone leaving. The person leaving had resigned and the job spec was already being written. When I asked my manager why I wasn't told of this potential opportunity he told me maybe HR thought it was too beneath me to be of interest. Despite the fact I had done this role at a previous company. When I
  7. I understand only one other is "at risk". So yes. I asked for feedback on why I didn't get an interview, I've also asked HR if my understanding of being "obliged" to interview from that list is correct, I have quoted my former manager as I was in the same position when interviewing earlier this year.
  8. Further development, can someone advise me on this and the legality:_ I have been added to an internal list of staff to be redeployed. This list is for managers recruiting to check against when a role comes up to attempt to keep staff within the company. All sorts of staff are on the list, and it can be people who are "at risk of redundancy" or people who are looking for a change. I was once told by my manager that we are "obliged" to give interviews to staff from the list who have the relevant background. I applied for an internal role last week, and was told I wouldn't get
  9. Meet HR today, more of the same, am getting the feeling work just want me gone to save the money, despite what my manager was saying about 'it costs the company money to make people redundant'. Not sure what money ?
  10. I am calling my network, and pushing that possibility. But am just trying anything I can to slow the process. Sadly the sick angle was all I can think of, but I can really see them saying 'well if you are suffering we'll let you go now' which is defeating the purpose of what I am trying to archieve.
  11. Ok, that's not ideal but I can see what you are saying and it makes sense. So the website is being stopped and the supporting roles will be stopped too as they were put in place specifically for the site. There is no TUPE as the company I work for have another 2 yrs on the contract so the role will not continue. Any other ideas I could try to buy some time ?
  12. Hi there, my first time on this forum, but have been reading with interest several posts from users about Redundancy and would like some advice if you have time please. I've worked at a company for just short of 5 yrs. In that time I've had excellent reviews and am considered a good worker. About 18 mths ago I was promoted to manage a team working on a website for the client who we work with. All going great, been regularly told what a success the website was and how good we were doing. Then a few changes at the cleint end and on Wednesday 8th I was asked to attend a meet
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