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  1. Thanks,but I have tried using this but I seem to be getting nowhere..sorry if Im being stupid. The whole issue of the £7k being added to the mortgage and having interest added plus it being over 25 years is confusing me.
  2. Hi Im new here so hope Im posting in the right place. I have had my case upheld and will be hearing from the broker anyday now with a settlement figure I would love some help... It is a single premium policy on a mortgage over 25 years, with 19 years still to pay. Loan amount £69,290.00 ppi £7206.00 Total £76496.00 I am really confused to how much I should be accepting and how it will we calculated,so basically the lender could give me any amount and I really wouldn't have a clue if I was being ripped off again. Hope I have give
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