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  1. Burlyb, you were right got a letter of rejection from Creation giving a list the length of your arm as to why the are not paying out. Ah well it was worth a try. Thanks for your help anyway. Patricia.
  2. I wrote to FOS on 16 July haven't got an acknowledgement from them yet. What good does a SAR do? Barclays said in there letter that I should take their answer as their final response!
  3. Hi there are 3 accounts, 2 loans 1 credit card. I don't have any paper work only the account numbers. I was in an IVA and everything was cleared in December 2008. Their excuse for not paying out was that I had applied by post and had ticked the box for PPI I rememembered after I had applied that I had rang them to ask what PPI was when I was applying and was given the impression that if I didn't take it I mightn't get the money even though I said I was in in a goverment job and wouldn't need it ( the PPI ). I didn't explain myself well in my complaint to Barclays so when they turned me down for this reason I decided to go to the F.O. Now I am waiting to hear back from F.O. Thanks for listening. Patricia.
  4. Hi I was wondering has anyone else made a claim against Barclays I did and got turned down on each count. I was going to leave it but then I thought to hell with it I will go to FOS. Altogether its over 30k at stake. I haven't heard back from them I probably haven't done it right, I just wrote to them giving a brief outline. Do they send out a questionaire? Its scary stuff all this financial jargon or is it just me??:???:
  5. Hi Im new to the forum and would appreciate some help. I have been trying to contact Creation Financial Services. The address I had for them is Solihull but my letter has been returned saying they have moved but did not give a new address. Can anyone give me an address for them I am trying to get them to refund mis sold PPI. Any help would be great. Paddy Go Go.
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