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  1. Thanks for your all your advice. I did cancel the dmp but as of yet have not cancelled the agreed payment to Premier Man
  2. Bazooka Boo Thank you for your comments and good luck to you. I shall let you know about Premier Man.
  3. citizenB Thanks for your reply. Premier Man are a catalogue company, I have not started a thread in the Health/Employment forums. I have had my Atos interview reconsidered but to no avail, they have agreed I have a disability and heath problems but still no points have been awarded. To be honest I just cannot be bothered anymore to go through all the hassle and red tape that they try to put you through. I took the easy route out it may not be the right way but my wife was told by one of the Pension Service staff that a relative of hers has had the same
  4. Hi, just an update on this thread. CapQust have now agreed for me to pay by Standing Order the sum of £1.00 a month until 2054 when it will be reviewed, by this time I may no longer be compos mentis or 6 foot under. Had a few problems with out of hours phone calls but that went away after putting the phone down repeatedly after I found out who it was. I am paying Premier Man the sum agreed which was £17.00 or so. I followed all your advice which was gratefully received and thank you all for your help
  5. I apologise if this is posted in the wrong forum. Further to my last posts I have now had my Capital One debt referred to CapQuest. There was a standing order set up for Capital One for the sum of £1 pound as instructed this is still in place. I have had no telephone conversations with CapQuest, not that they have not stopped trying. I recieved a letter from them this morning stating that Capital One are happy to accept a reduced amount of £1088.41 to be paid in full or over a 3 month period. I am still in no position to pay this amount of and cannot see this ch
  6. Thank you for all your help and advice. I took out Capital One in 2001, due to a previous divorce left me with nothing apart from my clothes , a beat up car and a bad credit rating. The perils of a joint bank account. There is no PPI to claim back that has been confirmed by a company that added to my debt on the credit card. they are now investigating other avenues of interest. This has taken over 12 months and still non the wiser. Forget that bit, I am now a lot wiser. Hindsight what an interesting concept.
  7. Due to a hit and run accident some years ago I have been plagued by ill health. I finally got to a point where I could no longer work. Now Atos in their infinite wisdom have deemed me fit for work no matter what the hospital and my doctors say. I now do not recieve any benefits at all. My wife is retired and on DLA and claims pension credit for me. My debt is with Capital One £2,500 Premier Man I have now agreed to pay of 17.00 a month, aam now going through the rigmaroll of starting another dialogue with Capital. I did have a payment plan in place
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