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  1. see hb do not know but income supp people do know and no bf does not stay over at all nor does he really come to house i know it seems a odd realtionship but he lives a couple of roads down from me so i go to his i know it sounds weird but it works for us and has worked for years
  2. Thankyou all for advice upon reading im starting to feel a little reassured, the reason bf does not live with me is because he and my daughter from previous relationship clash, the house is a five bed roomed house hence high rent and since hb is now capped at 4 bed max i pay the extra i have 5 children hence the need for large property, when i moved here i did not tell hb the ser up but shortly after moving in the X reported me to benefits agency for fraud[was the 5thtime he had done this]i went for a meeting with benefits agency and i did tell the woman that interiewed me the set up with hou
  3. i have been in my home for 2 years, i rent of my boyfriends mother my boyfriend does not live with me, i have an x partner that is saying i am making a fraudulent claim and he s going to report me to authorities.... my bfs mum put in to buy this property several months before she completed on it, two months before she completed i was given a notice to quit from the property i was livng in at time i was 7 months pregnant with her grandchild and she asked did i want to rent her property i jumped at chance nd we signed a full tenancy agreement and i pay commercial rent to her. I am now scared i
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