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  1. I am working, I haven't had any correspondence with the courts at all, it was an on the spot fine
  2. Hello I've come home today and received a letter from Marstons demanding £175, £90 for the fine and £85 in fees. I was late paying the original fine and it went to £90 so i sent a letter asking if i could pay in 3 monthly instalments to which i have received no reply. They are now demanding the full amount within seven days the bailiffs will turn up to remove goods. Is there anything i can do as they say they are in possession of a magistrates court order? Thanks so much for any help
  3. Thats the thing i dont know whats what anymore:???:
  4. As far as i can see no. its defaulted and they've stopped. I going to try and sort out a f&f for these but is this the best thing to do?
  5. Hello Ive got quite a big problem, on the 23rd of July my partner signed up to slimtoneplus and body cleanse on a 14 day free trail, I then went to check my balance today and exactly 14 days after she started the free trail I have been billed £75 and £37.50. I cant talk to anyone now because they are closed but i wondered if anyone has had any dealings with them, please someone help it has put me in a very bad position still weeks before payday. JB
  6. Candid Collections (Simply Be) - 2010 Opened online Lowell Portfollio Ltd - Littlewoods 2010 Opened online Lowell Portfollio Ltd - Very 2010 Opened Online Wonga 2011 Opened Online JD Williams 2010 Opened Online Hope this is what you meant
  7. Hello Everyone After looking through the site for a long time and learning a lot I really wan to try and sort things out but get confused about the best action to take and which things i need to do and how so any help would be greatly appreciated, my credit file is a complete mess and i just want to get everything clear so i can try and get everything back in order. My file currently looks like this Candid Collections (Simply Be) Defaulted Current Balance £232 Credit Limit £125 Natwest Satisfactory Current Balance £496 Credit Limit £1000 Lowell Portfollio Ltd Defaulted Curre
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