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  1. Have now a breakdown of Jacobs fees 1st order charged £40.00 plus £12 levy and walking possession fees £24.50 other fees plus paid £50 cash to bailiff original debt outstanding £498.16 balance ended up £592.66 I have paid this outright after being bulliedon the telephone and being threatened with my goods being taken although they used the same goods on the other two liability orders. I have now been granted a debt relief order on the two outstanding debts
  2. On the first visit 5/04/12 I had two liabilities given to me first one for £448.41 second one for ££516.16 These were for a previous address which I had to move out from after losing my job I was handed a notice of seizure of goods and inventory which included laptop 2 seater sofa (very old) 32 inch tv dvd player (very old) stereo system (veryold) These items were listed on two separate inventories I arranged to pay £134 per month for both first notice was for £423.91 plus £74.50 fees which now totals £522.91 (could he not add up) second notice for £498.16 plus fees of £76.50 which now totals £592.66 (ditto) I also had to pay £50.00 in cash to the bailiff I paid the first instalment on 6 May 2012 of £134 I then received another visit for council tax arrears and again he persauded me to let him in This amount was for £590.82 plus £102 fees which totals £694.82 (could not add up) I came to arrangement to pay £60 per month on all three liabilities from 6 June 2012 I paid £50 cash again He added the same goods which he copied from the previous orders I was told to expect a payment card through the post to pay at a paypoint or post office I waited for the card to arrive which missed the due date for payment and was sent three leetters telling me I had broken the arrangement and needed to pay all the outstanding amount otherwise the bailiff would come round to seize my goods I telephone Jacobs explaining that I had not received the payment card and I had the £60 to pay. He threatened me with a seizure of my goods and said if I paid the £458.66 in cash within the next few days I could go back to the old arrangement of £60 per month. This amount was for my first liability order. I received a payment card the following day and paid up. I explained that I could not walk very far so needed the card to pay at a close newsagent. I am on long term sickness until I collect my state pension in March 2013 and at present in receipt of statutory sick pay of £85.85 per week with little housing benefit I am at present going through a debt relief order which is now with the insolvency agency and the arrears have been added to this although with a walking possession I have to keep paying them or leave my goods outside for collection when I shall be free of all debts to Jacobs. I just need to know if after paying the first liability order with the goods on it if they have a right to seize them now. They have not sent a receipt with an official ref no on I then received another visit and again was persauded to let him in
  3. The bailiffs are Jacobs and they told me that if I did not let them in my home they would send round enforcement officers so I let them in each time. I have since paid one off which had goods levied on it. They have not sent a receipt but the amount was for the first one issued which had a tv, laptop, dvd player, old leather sofa and old cd player on it. They attached the same goods to the next two The council is colchester borough council
  4. Hi I am new to this forum and am having trouble with bailiffs. I stupidly allowed bailiffs into my home on two separate occasions and received a levy on household goods against council tax debts. They levied the same goods on three different liability orders and I think this is incorrect. Does anyone know if this procedure is right.
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