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  1. I have suggested to my friend that she has his benefits paid into her account I can only offer her suggestions and opinions and it is up to her to take control of the situation Hopefully she will take some kind of action as suggested here thank you all for your comments
  2. I agree with you but he has no respect for anyone let alone himself and sits all day watching tv until he gets his allowance and then gambles every single penny in a few minutes His mother is at the end of her tether with him but does not want to throw him out and see him on the streets He was paid his allowance today and my friend needed his money to pay for a weekly ticket for her other son; now he cannot attend college this week until my friend is paid her salary which is not until next week
  3. he also must learn to act like an adult and pay his way Difficult situation
  4. Also he is at home all day and would help himself to food which my friend needs in to feed her other son and herself
  5. He is gambling on the horses and I have suggested several things to my friend all of which she is not prepared to do which is why I was asking if she could be part paid his jsa I feel exactly the same as you and would have applied the same tactics.
  6. I agree with you and have tried to advise her several times because he is being so disrepectful but she says she canot see her own son on the streets because of his gambling problem. He will not discuss his problem with anyone and if he was thrown out he would "bum" off his friends and my friend does not want that to happen. There does not seem to be a solution at present.
  7. Hi I have a very upset friend who has been looking after her 20 year old son for over a year now because he refuses to find work and has been claiming jsa. He was giving his mother £70 a fortnight towards food and household bills because she is a single parent working hard to put her other 16 year old son through college. However for the last two months he has gambled all his allowance as soon as it has hit his account so my friend has had to feed him for nothing. Is there any way my friend can have his allowance paid directly to her or at least part of it
  8. Hi Following on from my previous question which I am so grateful for; I am due to receive my state pension from 6 march 2013; until then I shall be on esa because I have a sick note until 6 march 2013; my question is if I am in receipt of esa will I be expected to look for work until my state pension date?
  9. hi honeybee13 Nothing was put in writing and I did not receive a written statement after 2 months. I continued to ask for these and got shrugged shoulders but after a year I decided to write to head office to ask for one which they provided but when I turned up to sign the contract was told to come back on my return to work to sign it !!!!!!! Funny thing is all my work colleagues suddenly found themselves with contracts. My manager had not produced a contract for any memeber of staff up until I complained to head office These people think they can employ you, tell you something and then expect you to do something else without anything in writing and after getting in touch with ACAS they are willing to try for conciliation prior to obtaining an ET1 form I have been paid short of the hours originally told by nearly £500 so hopefully ACAS will help. I was never given notice that my hours would be reduced only told on the day or given 4 days work instead of 5 days
  10. Hi Becky 2585 - I think there may be some misunderstanding on both sides and I apologise if I did not make myself clear in my original post; however we must try not to be judgemental in these threads and as previously stated I was looking for advice and after going through other threads most of us start off by telling half a story. Your comments come across as judgemental because I feel you immediately jumped to the conclusion that I was work shy and looking for an excuse not to work. I have worked hard all my life and at one time managing a high position within the nhs and cleaning offices at night to put my daughter through university
  11. May I just add that I was told at my interview I would be rotaed off one in four weekends which never happened and I should not have had to use my holiday entitlement to take off the occasional weekend off because that was not the deal. They did not adhere to their verbal contract of employment with me
  12. Hi I feel that you have misunderstood my situation Firstly I did not resent doing this job and have suffered ill health as a result with bilateral plantar fasciitis and for which I have been signed off with a medical certificate (I believe my gp knows what she is doing) My gp has also suggested I do not return to work because my condition could get worse I have worked all my life since the age of 17 years and now having reached 60 yrs of age I really do not need to be "put in my place" when you do not know the circumstances. You misread my initial thread regarding the contract of employment. I was verbally told that my hours would be 20-25 per week and I asked for a written contract of employment which I never received. After complaining to Head Office I was called in to sign the said Contract only to be told to come back to sign it on my return to work (this was after walking 2 miles with painful feet to sign it) Please do not jump to conclusions about me I took this job on willingly after being on JSA for the first time in my life and would have taken any job on rather than collect benefit which I have never done in the entireity of my life My employers did not give me a written statement after two months which is unlawful outlining my holiday entitlement etc. As for the vacuum cleaner; this is an industrial one with broken wheels therefore making it very heavy to push and my work colleagues also complained bitterly about using it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please do not judge people; we are all here for a reason and I only wanted advice not the comments you furnished me with Working 5-6 hours non stop cleaning hotel rooms is extremely tireing being given only 30 minutes a room (changing bedlinen, cleaning bathrooms etc) and having to clean 12 rooms in a morning; try it!!!!!!!! ended up with tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and trapped nerve in my lower back I had to take this work on because I cannot claim my state pension until march 2013 and I did not want to stay on JSA any longer than necessary and apart of the tremendous hard work I enjoyed being with my work colleagues and earning a living. Please read through threads thoroughly before commenting in future
  13. Hi I read somewhere on this site that the same firm of bailiffs cannot make more than two visits in one year for different liability orders. Is this true
  14. Hi I started my previous employment in February 2011 and had an interview stating that my hours would be 20-25 per week and I would have one weekend off in four The job was reluctantly taken as a hotel cleaner but it meant coming off JSA which I was on for 8 months after losing my previous job However when I started I was not given a weekend off and had to use holiday to get the occasional weekend free and my hours some weeks were cut down to 10-15 which made me financially very hard up at times I asked several times for a contract of employment which never came I have been off sick since April 2012 and on SSP which ends in October when I shall need to apply for ESA and means I wil lneed to resign because of health problems There are several other issues which contributed to my physical problems now They did not provide the right equipment (broken vaccum cleaners etc. which were hard to push) sometimes working 5/6 hours in one day which was hard because of the nature of the job and the next only working a couple of hours I now suffer foot and arm problems as a result of this employment At no time did I receive a risk assessment I was offered a contract to sign after complaining to head office and was asked to come in when I was off sick which I struggled to do because of my health and was told that I can sign it when I return to work. Do I have a case to take to a tribunal
  15. Thank you so much for your advice
  16. Can you please explain the 4 week run-on for wtc. My tax credit will stop on 16 October when my SSP runs out Thank you so far for your advice; find it invaluable
  17. I suffer from bilateral plantar fasciitis which means my feet are painful when I walk and I need strong medication for the pain; this is why I have been off work sick since April. I doubt this condition complies with DLA requirements but will give it a try When I send the form off what will happen next
  18. I do not have a partner so will inform dwp when my SSP ends Thank you for your help
  19. Hi I would be grateful for advice please I am at present in receipt of SSP which runs out on 16 October when I hope to claim ESA because I have a medical certificate which runs for 6 months and my doctor will provide these until I claim my state pension on 6 March 2013 when I shall also be claiming pension credit because I have no savings and live in rented accommodation My question is: will I still be entitled to working tax credit until the end of the current tax year
  20. Hi My Debt Relief Order has gone through and Jacobs have sent two liability orders back to the council. However after writing to them asking for an overpayment to be refunded on an order I paid off (overcharged £18.00) they have written back to me with another liability order from September 2011 which I have no correspondence for and was not included in any letters received from them so I can only assume that they made a mistake. I could have included this in my debt relief order and would like to know if I can still include this debt even though the order has gone through because the debt was incurred before this time. Jacobs letter is full of errors regarding fees and breakdown of charges and makes comical reading saying that they included and levied the same goods on multiple liability orders to save the debtor any unnecessary stress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway they know that because I paid one order with the levied goods the remainder are now void and the two included in the debt relief order have been returned to the council which leaves one outstanding as mentioned above for £473.66 Please advise whether this remaining one can be included in my dro
  21. Hi I have been involved with Jacobs over council tax arrears and have a similar story to tell except I opened the door to them and allowed them to levy goods on two separate occasions. With all the info I now know I definitely would not have allowed them in in the first place. They have overcharged me fees which I am now in the process of reclaiming from them and they have now handed the debt back to the council because they are fed up with me. Stick with it and take advice from this site which I did and found it to be really helpful. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR TO THEM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES I am on long term sickness with only SSP to live on before I collect my state pension next March but these villains are not at all bothered about circumstances and use bullying tactics to get money for their own pockets. I asked for a payment card to make monthly payments to them but did not receive one and they then sent me a letter saying I had to pay all the debt or else!!!!! i explained that I could not walk very far and had no bank account at the time; again this did not bother them. Persevere with these villains and complain to everyone including your MP Good luck
  22. Hi I have written to Jacobs today pointing out their adding up errors along with their extortionate fees and also their unlawful pratice of levying the same goods on different liability orders. I have asked for a total of £140 to be reimbursed and told them that I have made copies of all paperwork and intend making a formal complaint to the Council with all the paperwork plus a copy of everything to my MP I will keep you informed of the response and once again thank you so much for all the advice received. Could not have got this far without you
  23. Hi I am seeking advice on how to deal with rent arrears My rent arrears are £1,600 which has happened due to ill health and living on ssp. I am now on long term sickness and although I get housing benefit I canot afford topay the top up The rent arrears are included in a debt relief order which has just gone through and been accepted by the insolvency agency and I would like advice on where I stand as far as keeping my home is concerned I live in an almshouse flat and have no tenancy agreement which is usual for this type of accommodation but no one seems to know much about almshouses They were built originally for poor people but nowadays we are asked to pay weekly contributions and at present mine is £485 per month which I cannot afford now I am on ssp of £85 per week and only receive £55 per week housing benefit Any advice or help would be much appreciated
  24. Thank you so much for your advice and I shall formally complain to the council today with a copy to my mp I am concerned though that if I do not pay jacobs on the other two debts that have a walking possession on them they will return because although they are subject to a debt relief order because I have a walking possession on them I am still liable to pay the instalments asked for although they are void as you have pointed out because they levied the same goods on them which were already on the first order I agree with you Jacobs are a nasty bunch and use bullying tactics and unlawful means to get their money Can you tell me what Jacobs could lawfully charge me for the first order please and what was the £50 cash for that I was asked to hand over Also when the first bailiff arrived I told him that I would not let him in but he told me that if I did not allow him entry he could apply for an enforcement order Is this correct I am trying to get as much info as possible to substantiate a claim for overpayment Thank you very much so far for all the help you have given me
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