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  1. hi all Thank you for all your advice which I m very grateful for. An update now I asked NatWest to provide evidence of closing balances of my ac****s and received a reply that they could not find any information and asked for full account numbers. I do not have my old account numbers because I shredded and destroyed all evidence last year having been 3 years previous when natwest foreclosed on me and I had to include all monies owing on my debt relief order. I wrote to the housing department and enclosed a letter from NatWest asking for all details of my bank balances which I bel
  2. I attended my appointment with the housing benefit fraud department on 21 Feb. They pointed out that 4 years ago I had £7,000 in a savings account which at the time I gave evidence of. Because I had a 3part time job at the time I applied for housing benefit and received a small amount each month. I had to use my savings each month to make up my rent because my part time job was only a temp one and some weeks I was not required therefore no money was coming in. My savings gradually dwindled which I informed the housing department of. eventually I had nothing left in my savings account and
  3. I only claim housing benefit for my rent; I do not have any savings or own my home and the only income is my state pension
  4. I have told them about my nhs pension and which they have taken into account when working out my housing benefit
  5. well; I have been racking my brains and the only thing I can think of is that I opened a Halifax account 3 and half years ago and never used it and tore up everything but I have never had a statement and also I opened a post office account for my working tax credits which finished when I retired and there is nothing in it and I have not used it for over 2 years. Do you think they have picked up on this. When I signed a declaration I forgot about the Halifax account but think I declared the post office account when I told them about my working tax credit I have no evidence of these accounts n
  6. Letter from local council requesting an interview under caution to review savings/capital; I have none but still worries me
  7. hi My friend has no correspondence coming to my house nor me either to his house so everything ok on that front; I may be worrying about nothing but this letter has really spooked me and I am thinking of anything they can get me on. I have no savings or capital, I do not live with anyone, in fact I am as clean as a whistle but I am still worrying.
  8. I do not live with my partner but he does stay over sometimes for the weekend but I mostly stay with him for the weekend. I have stayed over for 4-5 days before; does this affect my housing benefit. I have tried to research whether it affects my benefit if I stay away but all it has shown is if anyone stays with you which I believe cannot be more than 3 days. My partner has his own house and does not claim any benefits being retired after having worked all his life.
  9. The letter only mentioned capital and savings so perhaps I am worrying about nothing. Would the letter have a different format if it was about something else?
  10. Hi I was wondering if someone has seen a friend stay over and reported it. Also I sometimes stay away for a few nights at a friend's house; could this possibly be the reason for an investigation Thank you for any advice
  11. hi mr p I have just taken your advice and contacted my local age concern office and spoke to a very helpful lady who has basically told me not to worry about it and to take along bank statements to prove I only have my state pension paid into it. I have no other bank accounts or investments so they have nothing to investigate and she has recently been through the same with another client and they made a mistake. It still concerns me that they can send this type of communication out and worry elderly people
  12. I just cannot imagine why this has happened because I only have my state pension so they surely have nothing on me but thank you for your advice; I will contact my local age concern and see what happens thank you for your advice
  13. I cannot afford a solicitor to attend but my main reason for concern is that I have no capital or savings and worry that someone has written to them suggesting that I have. How can I get legal help please
  14. hi The letter states that the interview will be conducted under caution because we need to talk to you about your capital; savings
  15. I have today received a letter from my local council stating that they have reason to conduct an investigation into a claim for housing benefit and council tax support and have been given a date and time to attend an interview regarding any capital or savings I may have and which I have not declared. Although I have no savings or capital I am still worried and would like to know whether this is just a standard letter that is sent out I look forward to your replies. i am an oap and this kind of thing worries me.
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