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  1. thank you I will do that - I'm assuming I don't need to contact them otherwise?
  2. I work for Argos and therefore know the procedures staff are allowed to follow
  3. Argos requires authorisation from Hotpoint to issue a replacement product or to send for repair. It sounds like an inherant problem which as the product was made by Hotpoint rather than Argos then Hotpoint should be the one to pay for any repairs. This is why Argos will pass you on to Hotpoint - it might be an idea to ask a CSM at Argos to phone up Hotpoint on your behalf and explain that you feel this is an inherant problem and as it is a fault in their manufaturing. Argos cannot accept responsibility for poor/defective manufacture from external companies. Hope this helps.
  4. I'd like to point out that an "Argos Card" is not actually directly linked to Argos - Santander provide external credit services so you'd be better off contacting Santander directly otherwise it has to go through more than one company. I hope this helps.
  5. I recently got a PCN however the attendant rushed to fill it in and added a 0 or O into my number plate when I don't have anything similar to that... Should I pay it or hope that they won't trace me???
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