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  1. Thank you for the number, I had the wrong one!
  2. There are no telephone numbers on the letters they have sent me. I'll do a google and see if I can find it. I will give them a call and if no joy then it will have to be ICO. I am in no hurry! Thank you for your advice.
  3. I sent Barclays a letter before action and they have not replied. They had until the friday just gone. As the PPI claim is not large (about £100) is it better to complain via the ICO or is court action better? I am really mad that they cashed my cheque and are now ignoring me. ICO or court?
  4. The ppi payments are listed, I recall cancelling the PPI but it was after the card had been paid off. I applied online for the card and the PPI option said yes on the screen shot. I know I wouldn't have checked it because I didn't know what it was. I didn't receive any info about the PPI either.
  5. it was just a load of screen prints of the application process, and a transaction history, and a few pages of stuff i didnt understand. No statements or ppi policy documents. the credit agreement was in there though.
  6. I have finally received SAR info from Captial O. Looking through it it appears that I applied online and that I opted for PPI. I am sure I would not have clicked yes as I didn't know what it was. Is it possible that it was set at yes? I am sure I cancelled the PPI on the card when I discovered I didn't need it (I had cancelled it on another card). But as I had already cleared the balance and haven't used it since I don't know. No where in the info does it say that I cancelled it, I am sure I did. I never received any information about PPI, theres nothing in the SAR to say that I did. I am a bit confused as to whether I have grounds for a complaint. Can anyone advise?
  7. Thanks citizenB, I am sending a letter before action. I changed the last line of the lba to "You have 7 days to comply before I take further action". I only sent one cheque to them which was cashed 8th august. the 40 days were up last Monday.
  8. Can someone please advise what to do next? I have sent 2 SAR letters and received the same generic letter back saying they are unable to locate my account. Even thoughI have sent copies of 2 statements. They have cashed the cheque and sent me no info whatsoever!
  9. Can anyone help??? Should I send the FOS questionairre or another SAR ?letter
  10. So I sent Barclays a second SAR last month with copies of 3 credit card statements. They wrote back to me today with the same letter they sent previously with the same reason ticked - unable to locate an account with the information provided. My letter and the copies of the statements were also returned! The cheque was cashed the first week in August. If I send another letter, they will just return it to me and deny all knowledge. What do I do now?
  11. thanks citizenB address hasn't changed. On my credit report it was listed as barclayshark rather than monument, would it say if it was monument to begin with and then changed to b/shark? I used the credit card number listed on my statements. I double checked it again today as they also sent back my letter and the number is correct. What should i do now? Is this a delaying tactic? They cashed the cheque as well so now I'm £10 down and have no info!
  12. Also should I just send in the PPI form as the letter stated that £10 fee is not needed if it is in relation to a PPI claim?
  13. Hi all I decided to make a claim for PPI on my monument visa card after coming across some old statements which had payment break plan on them. I do remember querying it but was told at the time I had to have it order to get the card. I also had a few £24 charges. I got the card in 2003 and according to my credit report the account was settled in 2007 and it wasn't listed as monument visa but as barclaycard. I sent monument a SAR request end of july to an address in Leicester with a cheque for £10. (I have around 22 statements out of approx 43) Today i received a letter from barclays saying that they can't find my records with the info i provided. Am I right in thinking that if the account was settled in the last 6 years they should still have my records? Also i checked my account and the cheque has been cashed. should they have cashed it if they couldn't find my records? I thought the £10 fee was for the cost of copying. I am not sure what to do next. Can anybody help?
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