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  1. Could I say this in my response back in e-maiil? Mention they are the same company and see what they say? I understand I got a loan and I have always being willing to repay it back I just got myself in financial difficulties and I just want to pay back a realistic pay plan without the hundreds they have added on
  2. thats what I thought. so how come they are more understanding Renegadeimp?
  3. My friend has owed them over £1000's for ages now probably nearly a year and they have not done anything same with most of the payday loans he owes. I kind of just not want to pay them back either because how rude and horrible they are, what can they actually do? But I am not like him I just want to pay back a bit a month just to get it out of the way with. grrrr it annoys me!
  4. I read on here before, on a old post that OPOS are something to do with Mini Credit like under a different name or somthing? Is this not true at all then?
  5. Thanks Welshy for coming back to me. I know OPOS will have to accept a repayment plan, I was just carrying it on to see if I could get anything dropped at all. At the moment I have got no INCOME as I lost my job so I could only pay back a £1 a month. I pay back mkenzie hall a £1 a month so surely they have to accept this. I just want to pay back around £450/500 back not the £1330 they are asking for.
  6. Hi all. I originally took out approx £450 loan and like a lot of you on here, I got myself into financial difficulty and could not pay back the loan on time. I phoned Mini-credit up and explained my situation and asked for a payment plan to be set up but they rudely explained they did not accept payment plans and told me to fax over a hardship from the nearest libary, they were very rude on the phone To cut a long story short ( I could go on and on) they want £1130 of me from a £450 loan so I made a complaint to the FOS. They have come back to me in E-mail which I made t
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